4 Things Not to Do When Looking for a Job

     Are you looking for a job? If so, there are some real mistakes you can make as a job seeker you may even think are going to help you to find the position you want and need. Are you making mistakes that could be pushing hiring managers away from you instead of towards you? In your job search, you may have the mentality to do anything and everything you can to land a position. While that may work, it may not be the best opportunity for you. Don't make these mistakes.
#1 - Don't Just Talk
     When you are going in for a job interview, be sure you don't spend all of your time talking. In other words, you have perhaps 10 minutes during this job interview to make an impression. If you talk from start to finish, you've not engaged the other person. Rather, be sure to listen and engage the other person in conversation as it relates to the job interview.
#2 - Don't Have a Bad Attitude
     It shows when you have a bad attitude. In fact, it could be the single reason that you don't land the job that you want to have. If you have a bad attitude, such as downplaying your skills, you'll end up giving the other person in that job interview or in that networking opportunity the wrong idea.
#3 - Don't Pretend Play
     This is not the place to pretend to be someone that you are not. Be yourself. Let your personality come out during a job interview. Don't make claims of job skills you do not have. Don't try to put on a fake persona. The job interviewer will see this and it will not benefit you in the end.
#4 - Don't Drop Names
     You walk into an interview and you say, "I'm so glad James told me to see you." That's not going to help you and it may, in the end, hurt your chances of finding a job. No one likes to be put on the spot and that's exactly what is going to happen here.
     If you are looking for a job, it pays to put time into the process. You want to make sure every opportunity counts no matter if you are applying for a job or if you are on a job interview. It may not be as hard as you think to land that perfect gig, if you put the time into the process that you need to in order to do it right.
     Todd Bavol is the President and CEO of Integrity Staffing Solutions. Integrity Staffing Solutions is a national staffing firm assisting individuals and corporations in making the right employment fit. To view job openings in Warehouse, Professional and Administrative positions, visit the Integrity Staffing Solutions web site at http://www.integritystaffing.com.