A New Job Search Website

     Life demands a lot: the more we want to be a success - the quicker we need to process info and take decisions. The online job search industry is built upon numerous websites of ranging efficiency and popularity. In this article, we would like to introduce an original job aggregator created by a team of enthusiasts. The website implements a brand-new technology to provide its users with the greatest job listing possible. Jobs are, literally, collected from every corner of the Internet. It saves up people's time and effort as it takes less than a second to display the results for the requests 'what' and 'where'. As for the user-friendly, minimalistic design, it delivers the key message that inspired the team: 'Words become excessive when work is being done fabulously'.
     Below you can find the list of options offered by the website:

Job Search 

     Now you can forget about complicated and misleading online job search that can drive anyone mad. You do not even need to sign up and leave any personal info on the website, we do not demand an email address and its confirmation. All you need is to make up your mind what job you'd like to find and where you'd like to find it. The next moment you will get a huge listing of jobs at your request. To facilitate the process, all jobs can be sorted by relevance or date.

Last Searches 

     You can change requests and then go back to old ones. Click the 'Last Searches' and see your individual search requests history. Do not lose time retyping or trying to recall what you entered days ago.

Browse Jobs 

     Job search will become more specific if you use the 'Browse Jobs' button. If there are several positions you fit for, or if a place matters more than a job type, you are free to choose any state and city in the US and get access to whatever jobs in the location chosen.

The 'Articles' Section 

     Not only we provide advanced job search results to our users, but we also want to interact with them and support them with career-related advice. We collaborate with famous and experienced career guides and add new articles daily. If there is anything you would like to learn about the hiring process, workplace communication, employment benefits, job-related stress, beginning a career or career changing, layoffs, promotions, interviews, etc. - you can find all answers here!
     If you want to target yourself to prospective employers, josty.org can be the first step towards it.