Using Social Media to Your Advantage While Searching For A Job

     Whenever a job worth having is up for grabs, making sure you get yourself noticed can be quite hard owing to the fact that competition is so fierce in the market nowadays. The contests among likely candidates can be quite hot and you need to have a distinct skill set to get hired. However, even if you have the organization's required skills, there are some factors that are bound to get you to the top of the hiring list, with the help of social media.
     Recruiters and employers are very prone to using the internet to find out what they can about potential employees, and it's important to have an impressive web presence. Thus, first and foremost you must remain updated with the ever changing IT industry. Be aware of what innovation is taking place, which team players have joined and which have left, the latest news and so on. If you subscribe to the RSS feed of the major points of the industry you may well be ahead of every one else. You can keep your content together with Google Reader, and thus remain updated at regular intervals.
     Another practice you may adopt to get noticed if you're serious about getting hired with the use of social media, is to have a blog which links to all your other social networking profiles. Creating a LinkedIn profile is a very good move, as well as being active on Twitter and subscribed to the big names in your industry. All of these may seem like small acts but once accumulated into a bigger picture, can really help your chances in getting hired. Your employers want to know how passionate you are about your career and education, thus the social media is a great way of linking them indirectly to your interests. A blog that is well maintained and regularly updated is also great for creating a consistent impression. You must showcase your interests consistently, whether they are PHP, Java,.Net, Ruby on Rails, and so on, make them the main focus of your blog so there is a persistent increase in your own knowledge and a professional impression
     Social media means you must network as much as you can and it needs to be evident in your profiles. Make an account on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and so on. Showcase your interests, be social and consistent. If you have side blogs or personal social accounts, on which you put up personal interests, don't use your full name or make sure that they're private, as that might create an unprofessional effect. Remain impassive about your side-interests, and careful about your presence on your personal social profiles for they are likely to be the first things to pop up on a Search engine if your employer looks you up.
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