Do We Do Job for Love or Money?

By Ridhima Sharma

     Each time, that one starts looking for a job, one question comes to everybody's mind, whether we go for a good pay package or to something that interests us. And it is not a simple question, as both these things are very important to an individual in terms of, both, professional as well as personal satisfaction.
The age old benefits associated with a job, and why one goes to a job are:
  • To form a kind of social contact
  • To learn something new each day
  • To take advantage of opportunities for one's benefit
  • To have an access to health schemes
  • To maintain a networking
     But besides all these benefits, this has come into consideration that a person can't be completely happy only on these terms. One has to enjoy what he or she is doing, and then it becomes a usual routine for the person to be happy in his job.
     According to a recent International survey, 83% of job seekers have confessed that they would rather do a job that they enjoy, even if they get low packages. Because on a larger note, if one has satisfaction and happiness within himself, regarding his work, then the real meaning of work is achieved. But one can't ignore the value of money in this modern world, and hence it is important to make smart decisions in this case.

     We can see a lot of people these days cribbing about their jobs, complaining of things like monotony, stagnation and exploitation, and in such case scenario, neither they are able to do their work with dedication, nor able to bring any positive outcome to their organization. This results in a poor performance of both, the employee and the employer, leaving dissatisfaction among both the parties.
     To overcome this problem, one has to make sure that you land in a job profile of your own interest, something that you enjoy doing and something that you are good at. Every office has a work environment of its own; some places offer a very strict and organized environment while others are more playful and relaxed. It depends on person to person, to see and analyze what kind of environment will go along well with him or her, and then commit to a job.

     For a healthy and happy professional life, it has to be taken care properly, whether one follows his heart or the needs of his pocket. But since time immemorial people have given importance to interests than money, as ultimately, if you enjoy your work, you can make good money at it with time.
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