Job Search Is a Brutal Competition

By Ken Moore

     Are you putting appropriate attention, importance, and resources on your most important career tool - your resume? What happens if your resume falls flat against your competition? Where will your career be if your resume always finishes behind the leaders?
Aren't you a leader?
     Is it your professional decision to allow yourself as a leader to have a resume that paints you up as something less than what you are? Would you do this with a business document?
Picture yourself as a leading brand coming out on the market, but there is similar competition in the marketplace. How are you going to present your achievements and what words are you going to use in your resume to gain an advantage?
     The success of your resume at getting you interviews is the difference between having a GPS system in your car and stopping at multiple places to ask for directions. You might eventually get to where you want to go, but those with a GPS (a solid resume) will already be there sipping drinks on the beach, and there will be no more openings on the beach for you.
Words and presentation counts
     Concise. Succinct. To the point. Summarized and highly informative. Don't bury the lead.
Using this strategy is the only way to beat your professional job search competition. Let's face it, this is what's going to get employers enthusiastic about interviewing you because it brings them the excitement of how well you can communicate.
     When you can push those excitement and engagement buttons, it not only spurs interviews, but it also positions you as the professional leader you really are. It separates you from the others and gives you your own opening on that crowded beach.
What do you want?
     A key benefit of having one of the best resumes is the abundance of interviews it will create for you, giving you more ways and opportunities to get in front of employers instead of watching the backsides of your competition.
     You can spend a lot of time trying to write your own resume, but at the core of it all, you have to ask yourself if that is really a good professional decision. Is trying to be a professional resume writer the best use of your time and energy?
     As a leader, would you choose an IT technical person to lead the launch of a new marketing and sales campaign? Of course not! Then why would you choose yourself to lead a professional resume writing project to launch your personal career marketing and sales campaign? That's simply a conflict of beliefs, and leaders don't think or perform like that.
What should you do?
     Listen to your gut. Job search competition is brutal - it's like a crowded highway with everyone trying to merge into a single exit lane. We've all been there, it kind of ticks you off when someone flies up on the side and cuts in front of you.
     Don't let others fly by you on the job search or interview exit ramp, and cut in front of you. Make the professional decision to supercharge your resume so you can make it to the exit lane before your competition.
     Don't waste any more job search time. Contact Ken Moore today. He is an internationally Certified IT Resume Specialist (CRS-IT) and Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW). He is a former technical recruiter and is nationally published. Visit his website, [].

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