Mandatory Elements Found in Every Resume

By Mehul Hathi 

     Studies have shown that employers spend only an average of 30 seconds for each CV they receive, which is understandable considering the number of applications being sent out for every available job position. But common sense would tell you that it is impossible to convince anyone that you are the right person for the job in just half a minute! Your goal, therefore, is to create a resume that will keep employers interested long enough for them to read all the information you have written in it.

So... how can you achieve this?
     First of all, you need to make an impressive resume. The key word here is "impressive" because simply writing an ordinary resume does not cut it anymore, as employers have become extremely picky. Create an impressive resume and for sure, you will win an interview.

Here are some tips that will help you:
  1. Always begin with a powerful statement. Most resumes begin with an "objective" but you don't want your CV to appear ordinary so you must start with a statement that can grab attention. A good example is, "Young, dynamic person with a solid track record of success."

  2. Each sentence should begin with a strong action word. Examples of such words are, "improved, implemented, instituted, and developed."

  3. Use numbers, facts, and figures. Example, "Achieved a 30% sales growth in 6 months."

  4. Make sure that the CV as a whole will answer the question, "What's in it for the company?" You should structure your CV in such a way that it is tailored fit to the company. Your CV should have all the information that will make the employer think you are an excellent choice for the job.

  5. Keep your CV professional. It should be free from grammar and spelling mistakes, because this can turn off any employer. It is not enough that you check it via the grammar and spell checker of your word processor. You must manually review your resumé to make sure there are no mistakes. Inconsistency in formatting must also be corrected, which means that if you use bullets, then all others must use bullets as well.

  6. Keep your CV short and sweet. The unwritten rule in resume writing is to have a one-page CV for fresh graduates; two pages for mid-level professionals; and three pages for executives. All the important details of your resumé must be on the first page, and keep all sentences short and concise because lengthy paragraphs will not impress anyone.
     Creating a CV that will land you a job interview is not easy. In fact, you will have to spend hours and hours working on it until you will be able to create your masterpiece. It is a lot of hard work but if you could get an employer to review your CV for more than 10 minutes and then shortlist you for the interview, then you have already accomplished your objective for creating it.

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