Rules for Email Correspondence for Job Hunters

By David E H Perry

     Using email to job hunt is a crapshoot on the best of days. Most job hunters don't know how to give good email. Here are a few hard and fast Perry Rules to insure your message AND resume get through AND get read:
  1. Make sure your Subject line gives me a reason to read the message. "George Smith's cover letter and resume" won't cut it! It's not a good enough reason for me to open it and read it.
  2. You're cover email should get my attention within the first three sentences. Remember you only have seconds to make an impression. So do not waste it telling me you're "Hard working and enthusiastic".
  3. Address the email to a specific person
  4. Tell me why I should read your resume in the first short paragraph.
     Here's an example of an email that got through to me. Got opened. Got read and Got a phone call back. What made the difference?
     I can't cut and paste the note into the body of this blog but let me begin by telling you that it was actually addressed to me, David Perry - and not occupant or the email equivalent "hr at any company dot com"
     The subject line got my attention because they creatively told me something about themselves: Energetic, Executive, Venture Experience.
     Then their opening paragraph really grabbed me:
"Marketing savvy executive experienced in business development. Action oriented manager will bring sale closing strength and team building expertise to launch a new product or developes a new territory. My goal is to move to the N Carolina/Florida coast in summer 2011. I want to be financially rewarded for superior results".
     This one is direct and to the point. If I had a Job Order I'd read it immediately. If I did business in Southern USA I'd read it. If I did business with start-ups I read it, I did read it and I liked what I saw. Successful candidate with real skills and accomplishment who's motivated to accelerate their career AND they know were they want to work.
Doesn't get a whole lot better than this for a "bulk" email.

     Now, make sure you cut and paste - in plain text - your resume into the body of the email message below your note, BECAUSE most recruiters will not open attachments for fear of catching a virus... Ironic I know given their interest in speed - but that's reality.

     Article by David E. Perry Managing Partner of Perry-Martel International Inc., co-author Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters 3.0. Grab your FREE branding audio CD at with Kevin Donlin.

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