5 Things Recruiters Love

By Oliver E

     Are you looking for a new job? Recruiters are constantly on the look-out for candidates wanting new roles, so below are some top tips for making yourself easy-to-find.

A good CV for goodness' sake

     Okay, obvious stuff out of the way. But never underestimate the power of your CV. For a recruiter, it is their first look at you, and they have to judge quickly whether to consider you for the role they need to fill. Recruiters love a clear, concise CV; with relevant skills, achievements and experiences in plain sight. Keep it within two pages if at all possible. Be definitive of your talents and how you used them in your previous jobs, as this is what employers want to see reflected at interview!

A smart LinkedIn account

     LinkedIn is THE networking site for business professionals. With over 100 million users, recruiters love to scour LinkedIn to put names to faces, see what connections you have made, and use it as a secondary source to inspect a candidate from a professional perspective. Upload a picture (one you wouldn't mind your boss seeing) and use it like a CV - advertise yourself! Sell your skills, experience and get involved in groups and interests relevant to you. If you haven't got one yet, get a LinkedIn account now!

Keenness to interview

     Whilst obviously recruiters don't expect you to perform superhuman feats and travel outrageous distances - they love it when candidates say "yes" and make themselves available. Nothing is worse than having a great candidate who doesn't want to be interviewed because it's too early in the morning. If possible, make space in your diary! If you want that job, make it happen - go and get it! Making employers wait for you generally isn't a great tactic. Demonstrate how keen you are about the job by going to the interview at the earliest opportunity!

Working for great clients

     Recruiters love working with great employers. A LOT of emailing and telephoning is needed when dealing with a business - the job specification tells only half the story. Recruiters need to know about the size of the company, the office atmosphere, the type of work the business does. What about career progression? How can they sell a job to a candidate if they know nothing about it? Some offices are very laid-back - laissez-faire jeans and bean bags; but that doesn't suit everyone. When a recruiter and the client get along well and have positive, definitive dialogue, both parties can work toward their common goal - finding a great fit. And with great relationships, brands stay loyal to people they can trust - potentially leading to more business in the future.

Hearing "I got the job!"

     Over the many meetings, emails and telephone calls (sometimes very late at night!), helping with interview technique and the anxious wait for feedback, recruiters get to know their candidates quite well. Developing those friendships takes time and perseverance, but if it all pays off and the candidate gets the job, it's all worthwhile. Many candidates go on to be a great success in their new company and recruiters are always pleased to hear about it - plus the commission cheque helps!
Oliver Ellis writing about the ways you can improve your chances in getting the right job and the recruitment process.

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