How to Approach Your American Job Search With Personal Flair

By Kenneth Dockins

     Current American job search statistics reveal instances of a workforce which contains countless individuals who actually WANT to work, and who NEED employment, yet also lack the educational expertise to qualify for the isolated and rare occupational positions made available via technological advancements. Furthermore, candidates for similar jobs in America now come from several growing sources, including the influx of immigrants and the conversion of naturalized citizens who need work.
          These factors also make the acquisition of satisfying jobs harder to attain. Continuing, there is the dichotomy in beliefs about both the quantity and quality of jobs which might exist in the USA.
That is, despite much talk about great JOBS becoming available via a typical American job search, two basic career availability challenges still exist:

     First, current job requirements for better positions grow even higher. Thus, merely "average" candidates (and especially those with meager skills) have almost no chance to acquire these positions.
Secondly, even firms which are doing rather well in comparison to the poorer economic status of typical households and individuals, quite frequently employ the principle of "job downsizing."
Of course, this strategic business practice helps corporations and partnerships to remain afloat, or even to thrive. However, it leaves average candidates and searchers with a somewhat pressurized need to seek alternative forms of income.
     Do you wonder why some of the current American job search solutions simply do not work? Consider these examples:
     In The Typical American Job Market... Employment acquisition in corporate or mainstream markets faces the primary problem of an over-high ratio of candidates to the number of work positions offered. Discharge rates tend to increase, while employment lengths decline.
For Online Survey Jobs... The greatest difficulty with so-called "paid" online survey jobs is that you must CHOOSE from amongst a slew of unknown business providers who have low visibility plus payment histories which are extremely difficult to compare or track. Thus, the likelihood of receiving the compensation which you are due remains extremely low.

     Regarding English Translation Jobs... With deeper analysis of American job search details, you discover that these positions are mainly ideal only for people who already simultaneously possess super-strong English plus foreign language reading AND writing skills. A job as a translator also requires a strong combination of flexible plus impeccable dual-speech skills which may demand extensive plus lengthy instruction.

     With Internet Work From Home Businesses... In a word, massive COMPETITION comprises the shocking factor which introductory online candidates must undoubtedly face. Next, getting online visitors to trust you, value your products and services, or decide to patronize YOU rather than your equally experienced competitor... remains a somewhat challenging task to begin, complete, plus repeat with consistency.

Approach Your American Job Search with Creative Skill and Personal Flair
     One of the solutions to the declining jobs market problem lies in the ability to take full advantage of the principle contained within the adage that says, "think outside of the box." In other words, rather than to follow flocks of individuals who compete for the same scarce job openings, one should use greater creativity in matching consumer needs to the skills he or she already possesses.
Here is one unique plus highly useful example.
     Can you use a camera? If not, it is relatively easy to learn, even without formal or lengthy training.
Do you have photographs or pictures which you have snapped yourself? Those images are worth money to many online firms. You can be paid for simply submitting the photographic work which you own, plus you retain the legal rights to your pictures.

     Furthermore, imagine the additional emotional plus financial rewards you receive in getting paid for something you honestly LOVE to do. Here is an American-job-market solution which can conveniently plus consistently provide you with multiple income advantages.
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