An Introvert's Guide To Networking

By Hedrick Lepsch

If you're currently trying to make your way in the business world, you are probably aware that many businessmen and women are extroverts. Extroverts are basically people who find their energy by being around other people.

In other words, every industry from medical caregivers to large business corporations to small mom and pop shops are in need of individuals with human resources experience and expertise. Because of the demand by all sectors of industry for human resource professionals, the number of individuals who are beginning to consider entering the human resources field is likewise growing.

They are usually more content to be by themselves, or with a small group of close friends. From reading these 2 descriptions of introverts and extroverts, you can probably decide pretty quickly which category best describes your personality.

As stated earlier, many people in the business world consider themselves extroverts. But there are definitely people in the business world who are introverts as well. Introverts may have a little bit of a harder time making connections in the business world, but they can definitely do it. Here are a few tips on how to network if you are an introvert.

Preparation for one's career is can be seen as an important and essential step for any career, but for those who desire to enter the field of human resources, preparation is especially important as becoming fully prepared will enable a person to achieve the greatest successes possible. Preparing for a career in human resources can start for any person by taking the appropriate educational classes that will help to train them on human resource procedures.

However, it should be here noted that even those who enter the field of human resources through another gateway beyond a human resources program offered by a university may very well still need to receive some sort of certification or professional training from such a program even after they have already entered the door to human resources.

By trying to talk with friends and family first, you reduce the need to make cold calls. Cold calls have actually been shown to be the least effective way to network, so that is good news for introverts. Many introverts also apologize when they are trying to network because they feel that they are imposing upon that person. Introverts need to realize that they need to stop apologizing while networking.

The first step to entering the field of human resources for many current human resource professionals has been to simply ask from their current employer to undertake a special assignment or task that would typically be performed by human resources professionals. Such projects or tasks may be to filter through applications for open positions, help fellow employees with their benefit concerns, become a liaison between the existing human resources department and the rest of the company or work force, or other similar projects.

Many times, people's faces are more in a frown shape when they are not paying attention. Try to smile as often as you can. Smiling conveys to other people that you are a happy person, and that you want to be their friend. Smile is the equivalent of friendliness in the business world. If you are having trouble networking because you are introverted, do not fret. There are techniques you can learn and things you can do in order to network more effectively.

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