Daily Inspirational Quotes - Start Each Day With Inspiring Quotes

By Cecelia C. Dawson

A great life consists of keeping your eyes on the distant mountains of your life purpose while continuing to put one foot in front of the other along the path of everyday life. However, it is all too easy to lose sight of the goal and get lost in everyday frustrations, angers and disappointments.Including daily reminders of your life purpose in each day's routine can help keep your focus on your goals. Great reminders can include meditation, prayer, yoga, positive affirmations, and also daily inspirational quotes.

Inspirational quotes are typically fragmentary thoughts, taken out of context, that are best used to get you thinking about their underlying meaning and about the big commitments and values of your life. As an example, let's take a look at President Franklin Roosevelt's quote, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself - nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror." Those words were a part of President Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address on March fourth 1933, in the depths of the Great Depression. But is it necessary to understand the context in order to appreciate the thought and apply it in your life? Not only is the context not necessary, but in my opinion, it actually makes it more difficult to focus the inspiration on your own issues around fear.

We all know that circumstances are not in our direct control but we can definitely control our own thoughts. When we are child our filter or window is squeaky clean. We stumble and fall down when we start walking. But we neither give up nor blame others for it. We just smile and start walking again. And after few weeks we get it right and walk straight and start running out of pure joy and sense of achievement as if we will conquer the world.

But when we grow old we get conditioned to so many things taking inputs from so many places like criticism from teachers and parents, ridicule from peers, rejection, disappointment, doubts, etc. This dirt keeps building on our windows and we don't even bother to clean it up. And when we are not able to see through our windows, how will we ever imagine our dreams.

Inspirational quotes can be uplifting or motivational, spiritual or practical. Some of the most inspiring quotes, such as the Faith quote attributed to Martin Luther King Jr., share several of these qualities. For maximum impact on your life and goals, try to include a variety of types of inspirational quotes.Motivational quote sites are not easy to find. Some are good, but many are uninspiring. Most of them were odd and not easy to navigate.The reality is many of those websites are boring. The values of the quotes on many sites are vacant, weak and some are ineffective.

Most importantly, motivational quotes become more meaningful and life-changing when dealing with other people. Quotes that inspire are instruments of change for a large number of people. When you share a motivational quote that matches the particular situation of a person who is down or confused, you can help them find a sense of optimism and good cheer.

It is obvious that it is not necessary for everyone to like the given quotes in the best site. Few sites are glad to offer smaller number of quote with the best one that is available. It is not possible for you to like each quote that you read. If you came through some 200 quotes and you feel among that 100 is good, then that website definitely has some valuable inspirational quotes in them. Valuable and quality quotes in small number are better than huge number of uninspiring quotes. So, when searching for quotes look into websites that have less number of quality and inspirational quotes.

What, motivational quotes dangerous? And here's why: you've heard of "shelfware" and "shelf development", haven't you? You know, where someone's an Info Junkie and spends all their time and money researching and buying Shiny New Products to make them rich... and they use none of them, because it seems like they believe simply owning these things is enough? Reminds me of the folks who buy all the expensive gym-wear but don't lose any weight because the one thing they ain't doing is the one thing they need to do: work out! Anyway, motivational quotes and stuff are a bit like that.In other words, putting up some dreamy photo on Facebook with a smart caption from some long-dead philosopher or sage ain't the same as rolling up your sleeves and actually doing some work.Sure, you might feel good about it (and some of the quotes and inspirational sayings are pretty cool, it has to be said).And you might get a whole bunch of "likes" and comments (usually along the lines of "Way to go", "w00t!!", "sharing!" and other inane nonsense).You might even get that damp little feeling in your pants where you peed a little with excitement (it happens. so I'm told).

The power of a lot of stories, like quotes is in their meaning that goes beyond words, both in their literal meaning, but also in that that meaning touches us in away that is significant and often goes quite deep in our psyche. The reason people use motivational quotes so much, I think is because they have heard or read something that they find very significant and has affected them quite deeply in some way, and they want to share it, which is a very natural tendency. Problem is that you cannot share an experience in words or any other way really. Once you start trying to, you lose it and that is the problem with motivational quotes, they actually end up looking a bit cheap, which is quite the opposite effect of what you wanted in the first place.

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