Getting Rich Principles - Essential 10 Point Overview To Creating An Abundant Life

By Christopher M. Seymour

If you are working through "The Science of Getting Rich," Then you start with a vision that encompasses all of your senses. If you stop there you just engage in wishful thinking. So what is next? The formula is in this simple quote from the book: By thought, the thing you want is brought to you; by action you receive it.Hold this idea as you practice the ideas from the book and you will activate the law of attraction. Here are the next two steps: Continue to nurture the vision: "Hold the faith and purpose of increase," Wattles says, in the book. Don't allow your thoughts to slide back on circumstance or on anything but your vision, your compelling future. If contrary thoughts creep in you must replace them with thoughts of your future.

Some find it helpful to use words like: "cancel, cancel" as many times as necessary to cancel those conflicting thoughts. Cancel conflicting thoughts, then bring your focus back again to the vision that you have established. It is necessary to keep your mind in the NOW. Record the ideas that come from the visions.

Mastering your thoughts is the prerequisite to attracting riches into your life. You must learn to place your attention on what you intend to manifest rather than on what is. This is extremely difficult for most people. Thought mastery comes from your ability to harness your creative mind as opposed to your competitive mind. This is the essential "training" you must undertake because the default position of your mind is the competitive mind, which is in direct conflict to point number 3.Leaving the impression of increase in everything you do and with everyone you touch is one way you align with your creative mind. This is because you get back what you give, not what you want. When you focus on leaving the impression of increase, your focus is on serving others rather than yourself. By expressing gratitude, you further align your mind and your thinking with the creative energy of the universe. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that aligns closely with "love", which is the essence of the Universe.The secret to manifesting what you want is to use the technique of "creative visualization", or thinking in the "certain way". To manifest something new, simply hold a clear image of what want in your mind, with the feeling of appreciation and gratitude to the universe, and carry that image with you in everything you do.

If you have read part 2 of this article called "The Science of Getting Rich - How Anyone Can Become Rich - Part 2" then you will already have discovered that being creation oriented rather than competitive and; thinking and acting in a Certain Way will result in you becoming rich. Here in Part 3 we further explore practices in the science of getting rich.

"The Science of Getting Rich" is a call to action. Actions of the soul, actions that are natural, and actions that are a part of you. Work yes, but work that is out of you, work that brings you to your dreams and not just work done for money or for someone else; rather it is the kind of work that will bring you joy and your good result."The Science of Getting Rich" is a call to action. Whether you have read "The Science of Getting Rich" or not I invite you to experience it in a new way. Experience it as delivered and interpreted by Bob Proctor with some help from Michael Beckwith and Jack Canfield.

THE ADVANCING MAN is one who holds a clear vision of himself as successful in his field, who obeys the laws of faith and purpose, and gratitude. No matter whether you're a wage-earner or a businessman; whether you're a doctor, teacher, clergyman etc., you will attract a large loyal following and never be "out of a job"! The man who is certain to advance is one who knows what he wants and can become. Do not try to fill more of your present place with a view to pleasing your employer; rather, do it with the idea of advancing yourself. When an opportunity to be more than you are now is presented and you feel impelled towards it, take it. It will be the first step toward a greater opportunity. There is no such thing in the universe as a lack of opportunity for the man who is living the advancing life.

Some cautions and concluding observations - There is no limited supply of wealth. Governments keep the masses in poverty only because the masses allow this to happen by not thinking and acting in a Certain Way. If the masses were to move forward as suggested in this book; all systems would have to modify to accommodate this forward movement. The more men get rich on the competitive plane, the worse for others. Also, don't spend any time worrying about how you will meet possible emergencies. Concern your mind with doing today's work in a perfectly successful manner. No possible combination of circumstance can defeat a man or woman who is proceeding to get rich in the Certain Way.

Next take each of the 17 chapters of The Science of Getting Rich and create specific suggestions to make those chapters come alive in you. Chapter 1 is called "The Right To Be Rich." It is the perfect place to formulate suggestions to overcome any negative feelings that you might have about money or your right to have a lot of money. Your suggestion might be, "I have a right to be rich, I choose to be wealthy." You can use this as an affirmation, repeated to yourself in a waking state or you might relax yourself and say it under hypnosis for an even greater effect. Maximum results can be had by using the suggestion under both conditions.

Chapter 2 is called, "There Is A Science of Getting Rich." In this chapter we learn that getting rich is achieved by doing things in a "certain way." Our suggestion reinforces this in our mind causing us to embrace the belief and make it our own. And further, we need not have material wealth to achieve wealth; we need only do things in a "certain way." This becomes real as we reinforce it using affirmations and hypnosis.So we continue through the book creating affirmations and suggestions for each chapter to make the book a part of our very being so that we don't just approach it with head knowledge but with a deep understanding because it has become a part of us. Success follows this simple method as you move from chapter to chapter enhancing the words and their effects on your being. You will naturally be happy, naturally be positive, naturally be thankful and this is at the core of applying the law of attraction.

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