How To Identify A SCAM Company: Let's Review

By Alfred Farraday

When you look for a company to work for, what do you trust? Word of mouth or perhaps a scam blog site or do you actually review the source? In this day and age it is difficult to do a job search without running into some review blog that depicts the company in question as a scandalous oppressor of the working class. Seriously this sort of thing is going on as I type this.

A lot of these scam blogs and company review sites are written by folks with no work ethic or drive so they would rather feel better by mocking and griping about a company that gave this writer the opportunity to a career and asked only that the person do the hard work and strive. Now for those of you looking to find real work and succeed in a career you will be happy to be a part of, here a few helpful hints will get you ready to go.

Review the job boards. Job sites do help.,, and are but a few of the acclaimed sites that help find work in your area and also gives you what to expect of each job. These sites are readily available to assist you in getting that job that fits you best. An example is I found DMA Portland is launching both entry level and management positions. And all I did was to see what was available in the area.

Review the for one. The Better Business Bureau's sole reason for being is to hold businesses to accountability. They keep track of genuine complaints and grievances against the company in question as well as the praises and hails of companies' accomplishments, their hire rating and overall standings they follow.

Look at the company's website and review the information presented. With any company large or small they commonly have a company website explaining to you their mission statement, who they are, what they what they want of potential hire ons, their location and finally their contact information. This is convenient when looking for work and gives you some perspective of the business up close.

Speak to a contact. You have done your homework and gotten an idea of what this company does but you are having reservations. Talk to a representative of the company, ask poignant questions. Does the company have stock options, health benefits and 401K? Review what he or she has to say, take some notes and feel free offer the knowledge of the company you researched to show your verve. Be professional and absorb all you can.

Looking beyond flame sites and complaints gives you a better overall view of each company and what their calling is. Making a connection at your choice company sets a bond and gives you a feeling for the staff. Reviewing and following these steps ensure you a better job and the respect of the company for looking into every facet of said company. Putting your best foot forward is the best way to go.

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