Mistakes That Should Not Do In An Interview

By Joseph Jacob

If a job finder is asked to come for an interview, it is truly an achievement of that individual because most of the candidates are not asked to come for interviews. However, getting a job is completely relying on the level of achievements he obtained during the interview. Most of the candidates don't succeed during interviews due to the various errors they make. If you want to qualify for a job, you must not create such errors throughout the interview. These are some typical errors you should not do.

* Not preparing for the interview

"What do you know about this firm?" This is a general question asked by most of the companies during interviews. If you cannot respond to this query, or if you give an incorrect answer, it will be the end of your wish. Therefore, it is important to discover information about the organization, its record, and the business procedure before going to the interview. You can locate this information from the organization's website, or its Facebook fan page.

* Wearing inappropriately

Different dresses will match with different interviews. However, a professional dress will suit to any job interview. If you have any doubt about the dress you should wear for the interview, check dress codes of existing employees in the company.

* Inappropriate communication

If you could not keep a powerful interaction during the interview either vocally and non-verbally, they will not choose you for the vacancy available. Hence, you must keep appropriate interactions and gestures.

* Talking unnecessarily

The employer does not want to listen to your whole life stories. Hence, do not describe too much when responding to a query. Make sure to provide brief and easy answers. Always discuss to the point without discussing unrelated things.

* Offensive behavior

Some applicants keep their cell phones on during interviews. Some applicants answer to their phone calls while the interview is being carried out. Some applicants ask for drinks and food during the interview. Some applicants ask to go to the washroom after the interview started. All these behaviors are offensive. Hence, make sure to avoid such behaviors because, they add negative marks to you.

* Giving unequal details

Sometimes, you may ask to complete interview forms prior to the interview or during the interview. Such forms may carry questions that ask similar information you have already given with your CV. Hence, make sure to provide the same information you gave with your CV. Don't provide diverse answers to the same question. Maintain the reliability.

* Giving negative comments on past employers

Some applicants criticize their previous companies. Never do it even your previous manager was truly a fool or the people you worked before were crazy.

These are some crucial things to remember about recruitment india.

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