Techniques Learned In CPR Classes Orlando

By Chasity Sheppard

CPR is an extremely important part of the learning arsenal of any person simply because it is something that is needed in case of emergencies. No one knows when a tragedy would strike where in a human being would lose his consciousness and would need some life saving. That is why if one would want to be prepared for anything, then the best thing would be to take up some CPR classes Orlando.

The first thing that one would need to learn when he is in this class would be how to determine if the patient would be needing treatment or not. Now if the patient goes unconscious and does not at all respond to the person shaking him, then something definitely needs to be done. From here, one will be applying some techniques that will be taught later on.

The first thing to do now would be to check the pulse of the patient either on the neck or on the wrist. This is to see how bad the condition of the patient is so that one will know which method to use on him later on. Take note that if he has a very weak pulse, then it is time to try out some techniques and at the same time call a group of paramedics to pick the person up.

After learning how to check the pulse properly, the next thing that one would be learning would be how to correctly position the body. Take note that the position of the unconscious individual has to be very relaxed so that proper treatment can be given. The best type of position would be the lying down position where he will lie down on his back.

Once all of those things have been learned, then the next part would involve the life saving techniques already. One of the most important techniques that has to be taught here would be the chest compression which involves placing both hands over the chest of the patient. From there, one should pump the chest of that person until there are some positive results.

If still nothing happens, then one might need to do some mouth to mouth resuscitation. In order to do this, one must first open the mouth of the patient and blow some oxygen into the mouth. This is done so that the unconscious person does not lose his breath and so that he will still be able to breathe properly.

So basically, all one has to do is to do these two techniques all over and over again until the unconscious person would respond. When pumping, it is always very important to remember to do at least a hundred pumps per minute. As long as this is done over and over again, the patient should be able to regain consciousness soon.

So basically, those are the very basic things that one will be learning from his CPR classes Orlando. Now take note that there are other life saving techniques that will be learned. However, these are the main techniques that need to be learned right away.

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