The Linden Method Review

By Jewel Guilmette

The Linden Method was developed to treat a spectrum of disorders ranging from low-level nervousness and anxiety to full-blown panic attacks.Along this 'anxiety spectrum' are a whole host of related disorders, such as depression, OCD, eating disorders and a whole variety of phobias. These may range from social phobias all the way to a fear of dying. All are dealt with by Charles Linden in the Linden Method.

One of the most effective and most used anxiety treatment methods of today is the linden method. Therefore, reading at least one the Linden method review so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of this method. However, you should read reliable, credible and trusted reviews of this method. There are reviews about this method on the internet that are written by people who do not have anxiety disorder and have not used the method. These kinds of reviews are hard to trust because they simply spit out the content of the method and not how it can help in eliminating anxiety.

This isn't just some online program that came out of nowhere. The Linden Center treats people in regular sessions. The online version is just a way for Charles Linden to reach more people around the world and offer them a self-help version of his method. Otherwise they would have to travel all the way to Britain and pay hundreds of British pounds to receive treatment at the Linden Center. So it's far from being a scam. In fact, there are over 80,000 living proofs of that.

It doesn't work for all the people. Charles Linden doesn't make any false promises. He claims that his method has a 95% success rate. This means that although it should work for you, there's a slight chance that it won't. That's why the online version comes with a refund option.

Around two years ago, I took the plunge and ordered two courses, the Panic Away treatment program, and the Linden Method.The Linden Method had a lot of things in common with the Panic Away course but it was particularly good at giving me strategies to deal with my heart palpitations. I learned that, if anything, they are actually doing me a lot of good, (as I was getting a kind on 'mini-aerobic' workout!)

After growing up with anxiety as a child and teen, then suffering severe anxiety that became debilitating, leaving him housebound and struggling, Linden tried many different ways to get control of his anxiety. None of them worked for him. It was only through putting some ideas together, information that he'd gathered from listening to others talk about curing their own anxiety, that the Linden Method was born. Today, Charles Linden is 44 years old and happily married, with two children and is leading a highly productive life helping the rest of us learn how to cope with our anxiety issues.

Many people are suffering from this disorder, but they are ignoring this disorder and are trying to live with it in their entire life. Most of them believe that treating anxiety is a waste of time and money because the methods for getting rid of anxiety that are available today have only the capability to alleviate anxiety temporarily or just prevent it from occurring. In other words, these known methods do not permanently eliminate anxiety. Worst, they do not look for other anxiety treatment methods and leave the situation as is.

The main point of focus in the Linden Method is through using neuroplasticity to train yourself out of anxious behaviors. Through explanation of how anxiety occurs - a reaction that starts in the amygdala, a tiny organ in the brain - and what can be done to stop the amygdala from causing anxiety, is the basis of neuroplasticity. With Linden's instructions, anxiety sufferers are able to re-program their amygdala with neuroplasticity, basically teaching their brain not to start the whole reaction process.

While there is no guarantee that the Linden Method - or any method, for that matter - can work to cure your anxiety, it may be worth the consideration depending on your situation. The Linden Method is backed by a number of medical doctors who understand how it works and see it as being a great way to cure anxiety. It also comes with a year's worth of professional counseling support, and has a 1-year, money-back guarantee.

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