Tools And Equipment For The Purpose Of Survival Living

By George Dodson

Assuming that you get fired in your job - what would you do? Do you have what it takes to handle such situation.

That is the subject on a lot of people's mind these days. Survival becomes an essential topic when people think about the worst case scenarios such as this. What tools, what equipment, what attitudes and what preparation would they need to make it through difficult times?

You might be asking yourself what is it that I need to survive in an emergency situation?

Among those basic needs that you need in order to survive are fire, food and water.

Water is practically the most essential thing in this planet and it is what makes people live. Water purification is very much essential when talking about drinking water. This will really be essential if water is taken from creeks or rivers. Those sources contain bacteria that is very dangerous to your health.

Thus, what water equipment do you need to have in order to survive?

Fortunately, today, there are water filtration systems that you can buy that will filter any water. These include pumps with built-in filters, to special water bags with filters that fold up into a tight space. In addition, you can buy tablets which purify the water that you intend to drink. You can buy these tools in any leading supermarket near you.

After you've taken care of your water needs, you want consider your sources of food. While it is true that you may not need much food to live however the body requires certain nutrients and vitamins so as to function effectively. You must consume protein, vitamins, and their minerals from some source. You can purchase dehydrated food. You can purchase these goods in much lesser price compared to other good alternatives and it contains essential nutrients for the body. MRE's or Meals Ready to Eat from Army stores are also a good option. When it comes to food in small packages but filled with vitamins and minerals, MRE's are probably the most popular. In addition, you can find a lot of information about edible plants and how to snare animals prepare for cooking.

After food, you must consider fire. Fire has been used then and it has proven to save lives despite that fact that it can also ruin one. Fire is used to cook food and to keep the body warm in cold temperatures.

You begin this process by learning how to start a fire. Provided that you don't have a lighter or a match to make a fire with, then you can just use the old methods of making a fire. You can purchase waterproof matches which are cheap and easy to carry. You can also opt for the BIC lighters which are pretty much easy to use and easy to carry. Having three or four these available in your car or in your backpack makes starting fires much easier. You can also opt for flint and steel. It is essential that you understand the risks and procedures involved in using these things. You'll never know when these things can save your life.

Having to survive means having the right attitude and of course the right equipment and tools. As soon as you understand and remember by heart the things specified above, you'll be sure to maintain your survival.

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