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By Hamsa Cremers

The 11 Forgotten Laws by Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey is a very popular digital product today. In this 11 Forgotten Laws review we will take a look at this product and see what are the pros and cons of it.Before the review, let's find out how what are The 11 Forgotten Laws.The 11 Forgotten Laws Review - What Are The 11 Laws?Firstly, These laws are not new. They are actually the complete principles that the whole universe based on and now even science particular quantum physics has begun to prove that.The 11 Forgotten Laws are as follows:Law of Increase,Law of Compensation,Law of Non-Resistance,Law of Success,Law of Sacrifice,Law of Obedience,Law of Attraction,Law of Forgiveness,Law of Receiving,Law of Thinking,Law of Supply

I was however able to manifest a new car for myself and my husband. That gave me new-found hope! If I could manifest a car, what else could I manifest... a life of abundance and happiness! Oh yes, I was excited again that I was going to use the Law of Attraction to have the life I desired! Or so I thought!Months went by again, and still I wasn't able to grow my business and generate the income I wanted. I was able to attract small things however, like thinking of a friend only to have the phone ring moments later, or think of a song and then hear it on the radio a few hours later but I still wasn't manifesting riches like I had hoped.I was frustrated that sometimes I could get it to work, but other times I couldn't. What was the trick or "SECRET" lol to this manifesting thing?

If you did not gain the desired result from applying the Law of Attraction, Proctor indicates that either,Your application of the law of Attraction was flawed, or Your life is out of harmony with one of the other 11 Laws.The 11 Forgotten Laws describes in detail the laws of:Working with the Laws,Thinking,Supply,Receiving,Increase,Compensation,Non-Resistance,Forgiveness,Sacrifice,Obedience,Success

Proctor indicates that all of these are "laws" in the physical law sense. As an analogy he uses the law of gravity. Gravity always works the same way for everybody all the time in a predictable way. It is unaffected by any other variables, including whether or not you believe in it. Gravity just works.Proctor contends the 11 Forgotten Laws as well as the Law of Attraction (explained in The Secret) work with the same characteristics. These universal laws always work the same way for everybody in a predictable way.

The course is educational, inspirational and very motivating. I personally love Bob Proctor and could listen to him speak all day and night. There is something about his passion and belief in the Law of Attraction that keeps me engaged. I have listened to other programs and find my mind wanders, I have to hit rewind several times to stay engaged. However; Bob Proctor leaves me excited and wanting more, my mind absorbs his every word easily and quickly. Bob and Mary Morissey explain all 11 Laws that were never mentioned in the movie "The Secret" and are the missing links to true manifestation.

However not many actually go into great depth and can often leave you more confused than before you initially researched the information or even invested in the course!There is one course however known as the 11 Forgotten Laws which has been on the market for a number of years.The 11 Forgotten laws goes above and beyond the basic principles associated with the law of attraction. It contains ten additional laws which experts claim will deliver much better and faster results when applied alongside the law of attraction.The individual laws contained within the course are the law of attraction, the law of thinking, the law of supply, the law of receiving, the law of increase, the law of compensation, the law of non resistance, the law of forgiveness,the law of sacrifice, the law of obedience and the law of success.

The 11 Forgotten Laws is the highest quality product I have ever reviewed. The relatively modest price of $97 is far overshadowed by the potential benefits. Without reservation, we give Bob Proctor's 11 Forgotten Laws our highest rating and urge all of our readers to consider this product very seriously.After having seen The Secret and still having not much success with it I decided to find Bob Proctor and Jack Canfield on the internet and have a look at what they had to offer. I found a course of Bob Proctors called Six minutes to success where he talked you through a series of principles and tactics each day which you could practice for 6 minutes. He got me to write down goals and it was very motivational having his help. I even promoted the course as an affiliate. Soon though as with most things I fell back in to the 'I can't really afford this' habit and cancelled the subscription.

It's Bob who was heavily involved in the creation of the 11 Forgotten Laws which in my opinion has to be the biggest benefit of the training in the course.People from all corners of the globe have travelled far and wide to see Bob speak at seminars and live events to learn from him. So the fact that Bob has poured in years of research and knowledge into one easy to manage course is hugely beneficial.

PROS AND CONS: Although I could not find any faults with the product, some complaints I found from others were that it can be a bit overwhelming since it is very comprehensive and gives a lot of detail. Some wished that it had a step by step guide or summary after each lesson as to what actionable steps to take..one way to overcome this is to listen and read everything over 2 to 3 times until it becomes clear, or reach out to the members forum and support desk. We all have setbacks in life and rather than give up and decide it doesn't work... reach out to someone who may have gone through something similar and will have the answer. Another complaint was that some wished it came as a physical product rather than digital... I personally like digital because I don't have to wait for it to arrive I have instant access, however; it is a rather large download and some may have slower computers or not the right amount of space.

It comes with a 60 day full money back guarantee. Not happy with the product or results you are achieving, simply return it and get your money back. The product is sold and purchased through Clickbank an online secure market place where many digital products are sold and is a very reputable site, so if you are worried or skeptical about purchasing online, know that your privacy is protected. I myself have requested returns in the past through Clickbank and have never had a problem. Within days my money was returned!So in my honest opinion Bob Proctors 11 Forgotten Laws is a product you want to check out for yourself. You won't regret it as many others have had great success with this program and so will you!

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