A Description Of The Courses You Can Take At Psychology Schools

By Girish Jaju

If you are planning to pursue a career in psychology, it is important for you to know the different kinds of courses that you can take before enrolling in the psychology school that you have chosen. This is because similar to other types of schools, psychology schools offer a wide range of courses for students to choose from; and by knowing what these courses are, it would be much easier for you to determine which ones can best prepare you for your work in the field later on. Here are some of the courses that most psychology schools offer today.

Physiological Psychology: Also referred to as behavioral neuroscience or biopsychology, this is one of the most important courses that you should take if you want to get a career in the field of psychology, as it will provide you with a full understanding of how the mind works and how it relates to the behavior of an individual. Some of the topics that are covered in this course include the basic concepts of neuroanatomy and the different physiological processes.

Developmental psychology or development psychology is another course that you must take when studying at a psychology school. Through taking this course, you should be able to have a deeper understanding of how the psychological makeup of an individual develops from the moment that he or she is conceived to the moment he or she dies. You should also be able to learn more about how childhood experiences affect an individual's behavior later on in his or her life as well as how genetics and environmental factors influence the psychological development of an individual.

Another fundamental course that you need to take would be social psychology. Social psychology covers the study of social influences on the behavior as well as the interaction of groups and individuals. Through taking this course, you should be able to learn about topics like the bystander effect, leadership, and social pressure.

Personality Psychology: Taking this course would provide you with a background in the different theories of personality development. These theories include psychosocial, Freudian, humanistic, behavioral, and existential theories.

Abnormal Psychology is also a fundamental course which you need to take so you can be prepared for your work as a psychologist later on. This course tackles the different types of behavioral problems and disorders, the different factors which contribute to their development, and the approaches which can be used diagnose, assess, and treat them.

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