A Guide To The Subjects And Courses Culinary Schools Offer

By Girish Jaju

Obtaining information about the subjects and courses which are offered by culinary schools is a must if you are thinking of pursuing a career in the field of culinary arts, as doing so would provide you with a better idea about the type of education and training you would be getting after enrolling in your chosen school later on. To get more information about the different subjects and courses which most culinary schools are able to offer today, read on.

Principles of Cooking: One of the most essential subjects of culinary arts programs, this course mainly focuses on the basics of professional cooking and food preparation. It teaches an array of topics including: the terms used in cooking and food preparation; the identification and proper use of basic culinary ingredients; cooking methods and techniques; recipe structure; kitchen organization; and knife skills.

Nutrition: Aside from offering an introduction to the basic principles of nutrition, this course also covers several other topics including healthy cooking techniques, nutritional adaptation and analysis of menus and recipes, dietary guidelines in the kitchen, nutrition trends, food fads, and current issues in nutrition.

Baking and Pastry Arts: This subject teaches the fundamental concepts of baking and making pastries and desserts. Some of the topics that are covered by this subject include: the proper techniques used in scaling and measuring; cake batter methods; yeast-raised dough mixing techniques; dessert plating and presentation; basic cake and pastry decorating; and the proper use, storage and maintenance of various baking and pastry-making tools and equipment.

Food Safety and Sanitation: This course discusses the importance and the basic concepts of safety and sanitation in a food production area. Some of the topics that it covers include: the proper storage, handling, preparation, presentation, and disposal of different food items; food bacteriology; food-borne illnesses and how they can be prevented; the principles of sanitation; OSHA and MSDS guidelines; and the proper care and maintenance of various equipment that are used in food preparation.

Hospitality Marketing: A course that is most often offered by culinary schools which have degree programs in culinary arts, it teaches the basic marketing concepts and principles which can be applied in the food and beverage industry. It teaches several topics from branding and concept development to marketing trends and strategies to public relations and advertising.

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