Cisco Recertification Is An Essential Tool In The Industry Of Technology

By Patrick Richards

After an individual receives Cisco training in technology, it is important for that person to commit to recertification on a periodic basis. Recertification can assist a person in staying aware of technological procedures and the latest advances in the industry. Recertifying may also help a professional to secure employment, keep a job, and be promoted to higher employment positions.

Up to date knowledge

Attaining recertification indicates to clients and employers that a professional is aware of the latest changes in technology. Competitive professionals in the industry must stay informed of relevant advancements, as technology continues to evolve. Professionals cannot continue to be properly equipped for work in the field, if they who do not continue to learn about technology as it changes. This is a fact of which most employers and clients are well aware.

Because there are system guidelines that enable people to stay educated, the training system is a comprehensive process. Cisco has established these rules so that professionals may stay current on recertification, as long as they follow the guidelines. They must pass the recertification exams, after registering to recertify.


It is essential that individuals learn what they need to do to meet exam requirements, before current certification expires. People who do not do so will be required to repeat the first exam process completely. Another way to stay current on certification is to recertify by achieving the next level of certification.

The expiration for associate level, professional level, and entry level certification comes at the end of three years. To a person who has achieved associate level CCNA training, this means that recertification within three years after the last certification is required. CCT and CCENT are the two entry level certifications. Associate and professional levels of certification include a variety of options.

The deadline for expert level certifications is a two year period, which means that professionals who have achieved expert level certifications need to recertify within two years after initial certification. CCIE and CCDE certifications are Cisco expert level certifications. The available expert level CCIE certifications include training in security, wireless and collaboration.

An individual who has achieved the CCAr certification has attained Cisco architect status. In regard to the certifications provided through the educational system at Cisco, CCAr is the highest achievable level. Five years is the deadline for recertification, for a person of architect status.

A recertification is required within a two year period, for those who have attained specialist certifications. Specialist certifications comprise a wide assortment of choices. Professionals might become specialists in video, operating system hardware, security, data center, and collaboration.

Cisco Training

Remaining educated on the continuous advances that occur in technology is important. Those who work in the field must stay aware of changes, and they need to know the best ways to implement such changes. Cisco training gives students the education needed to stay useful in a competitive industry. Learning the rules regarding recertification can be helpful. A professional who knows and complies with recertification guidelines will ultimately save money, effort and time that could probably be better spent on other things. Countless individuals are grateful to have the opportunity to recertify, since it may greatly enhance a career in the field of technology.

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