Creative Visualization Techniques - You Can Make Things Happen

By Violet A. Finnegan

Creative visualization is a valuable tool to create change in our lives... solve problems... and attract whatever we can imagine. Everything begins as a thought. Visualization adds energy and power to those thoughts, creating a mental mold of the results we wish to experience in our reality.

Are you curious about it? Read on. Enlisted below are several creative visualization techniques that you can follow and make that dream come true, as well! When thinking of something you want to have, be sure that it is a reachable goal. You will never reach it if it involves something really impossible, right? Impossible can mean things that do not really happen in real life, like being an individual with the superhuman strength of X-Men and aliens. Make specific goals that you know you can have in time.

Here comes the good part. Right now I want you to grab a pen and paper. Identify one area in your life that you want to improve significantly. Take the time to write out specifically what you want to achieve and have in that area of your life. Describe it vividly and with clarity. Read the vivid description of your desired results a few times. Now find somewhere to get really comfortable. A good recliner or couch would work perfectly. Close your outer eyes and tilt your head slightly upward about 20 degrees.

Action Will Get You What You Want.Once you finish planning what you need to do, do it. Take the necessary steps to achieve your goal. Step-by-step, little-by-little, achieve what you want. Positive thinking will help get you what you want. If you think positively, you will infuse positivity in all the steps you need to do.Persevere until you reach the goal. There will be many setbacks and many things that will try to stop you in that specific undertaking. However, if you have the ability to push on in spite of all the trials, you will have your dream come true.

Creative visualization has been long heralded as one of the major keys to the successful application of the Law of Attraction, but many people don't know how to do it well, or even believe that they can do it at all. Moreover, the question that many people would want answered before even making a serious attempt at creative visualization is: does it work at all?

Draw it out. Is your goal something that you can picture visually? If so, get a picture of what your goal looks like. If it's a car, get a picture of the exact car, or draw it as best you can. If your goal is to break through your fear and deliver a great speech, picture yourself on stage presenting to an attentive and appreciative audience. It doesn't matter if you're artistically challenged like me -- no one else is going to see your drawing. It's simply another way to convey your deepest desire to the universe.

Record it to your computer, digital recorder, or MP3 player. A far easier option is to buy an already recorded creative visualization CD related to the goal you wish to accomplish, or the problem you want to overcome. You can probably find exactly what you're looking for online. By capturing your target visualization in audio format, you can listen again and again.

You couldn't even make a cup of coffee without imagining the steps involved in heating the water, adding the coffee grounds to the cup and so on. Not only that, but you wouldn't want the coffee in the first place unless you could imagine the taste and the feeling that seems, in that very moment, would be satisfied only by a cup of coffee! If thirst was the only problem, a glass of water would do much better!

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