How To Apply To Your Chosen Culinary School

By Girish Jaju

Having a good idea about the things you need to do when applying to the culinary school of your choice is a must if you want to be certain that you would get accepted not just into that school but also into the culinary arts program that you want to take. To help you out in applying to the culinary school you have chosen, here are some pointers you can follow.

The first thing that you have to do would be to get a list of all the requirements which you need to submit. You should be able to get information about this by contacting the admissions department of the culinary school you have chosen or by visiting their website.

You should then get an application form either through downloading it from the website of the school or through requesting for one from their admissions department. Once you have a form, fill it out with accurate and complete information before submitting it. You may also need to pay an application fee, depending on the school that you are applying to.

Aside from submitting the application form and paying the application fee, there are a couple of other documents that you may also be asked to submit. They include: official transcripts from the school or the schools you have attended; your high school diploma or a GED certificate; and letters of recommendation. You may also be required to submit an essay about why you want to enter a career in the culinary industry and how you think going to a culinary school can help you in achieving your personal and career goals.

Most culinary schools today also require their applicants to take an entrance test and undergo an admissions interview. The entrance test is usually a pass/fail test which assesses the proficiency of applicants in grammar, reading comprehension, and math; it typically does not have any questions related to culinary arts. The interview, on the other hand, is often used by culinary schools as a way to evaluate the interest of their applicants in the field of culinary arts. Some of the questions you can expect to be asked during the interview include questions about your educational background and work experience as well as questions about your career plans in the culinary industry.

After taking the exam, undergoing the interview, and submitting all of the documents and requirements that your chosen culinary school is asking for, all you have to do would be to wait as your application is processed. In the meantime, you can start preparing for your classes through reading more about the food service industry and researching about various cuisines and cooking methods and techniques so that once your classes start, you would already have a background of what may be discussed.

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