Impact Of Technological Innovation On HR Activities

By Joseph Jacob

Technical innovation has altered the business field. Most of the companies cannot operate properly or cannot endure in the field without technology support. The effect of technology on company actions is tremendous. Among various technological techniques, computers and the internet create the highest effect on company actions. All company activities need them including the HR management. Here are some HR activities which aided by the technology.

Hiring people is one of the key tasks of HR sections. There is a vast effect of technological innovation on employee hiring in the present business community. When a company wants to seek the services of new workers, what the HR division generally did was posting job opening ads in print media and asking to send job applications. In the beginning, HR divisions hardly used systems to post their job openings. Print publications had very restricted exposure, and they brought only a small number of applicants. The current condition is completely different. With the new computer systems and the internet, HR individuals have lots of ways to promote their job openings. Additionally, many individuals can view those job ads and HR divisions will get many resumes than before. It will help companies to seek the services of the best employees.

Technology will also reduce costs on choosing workers.

When talk about training and development, technological innovations make it feasible to train current staff and recently hired members effectively. Compared with previous T&D, instructors do not always necessary to communicate naturally with workers. Virtual training is one of the great features given by the today's technological innovations. Trainers can perform classes remotely and can give access to company details to their workers. This significantly decreases the workload of instructors, and it also decreases the cost associated with transport, food, facilities and other related costs on physical training and development activities.

HR people are responsible to keep a large amount of vital records related to human resources in the organization. This was done manually with lots of paperwork and large file storages. At present, computers and networks have made it easy. With new computer systems, data storing and record keeping is very easy. It is no longer necessary to keep large physical file storages in HR departments.

HR divisions should observe worker performance continually to keep and manage the human resources of the company. This practice is simple and efficient with new performance tracking systems. This is another help given to the HR activities by the today's technology. It develops the ability of performance tracking and company resource usage.

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