Is The Law Of Attraction Real Of Just Hype?

By Babet Koolwijk

You may ask yourself this question if you believe in the Law of Attraction but have not had the results you wished for. I know I have had my doubts from time to time... being able to manifest small things here and there but never achieving the level of success I had hoped for. I often wondered why could I think of a friend one minute and have her phone an hour later, but when it came to manifesting large sums of money I failed miserably. In fact, just the other day I thought "um I need to get a new headlight" and as I thought to myself "I haven't had anyone tell me it's out for a while", low and behold within a half an hour of having that thought a women yelled out her window to let me know my driver side headlight was burned out! That to me is the Law of Attraction working. Some may say... well that's just coincidence and not the Law of Attraction but I say different.

If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction then you know that this Law is in fact a scientific law stating that "LIKE" attracts "LIKE", so in other words we are like a magnet and whatever we think about in our minds we will attract to ourselves.For instance, focus on something positive and we attract positive things, focus on something negative and we attract negative things. Seems simple enough, so why do so many people struggle with this?

Although we are unaware of the influence our subconscious mind has on us, it is directly influencing our conscious mind so when your vibes aren't in alignment with the other person you'll immediately get the signal of bad vibes from your conscious mind.You certainly don't need any psychic abilities or such like in order to pick up on the vibes that others are radiating, everyone is picking up these vibes on a subconscious level whether they are aware of it or not. We are always being influenced and stimulated by these vibes.This is how the Law of Attraction works, remember everything is energy or "vibes" and has a frequency so the vibes you're transmitting are drawing the same vibes back to you. Similar to the example above except the energy that the universe is comprised of is responding to the energy you're radiating.

You see... we all have certain beliefs that we were taught as children. Such beliefs can leave us to stop or block the manifesting process. Bob calls these beliefs "paradigms" If we belief that forgiving someone means we are letting them get away with what they did and need to be punished then we are creating blocks that will not allow us to attract anything positive. The same is true if we belief that "money is the root of all evil" (and many of us were taught this as children) then we will never be able to manifest wealth like we want.

Benjamin Franklin said "energy and persistence conquer all things". Once you understand how the law of attraction works then its up to you to transmit even more powerful thoughts by adding feeling and clarity to what you are wanting. You deserve all the good things life has to offer so use persistent thinking to summon them to you. If you're having a bad day, try to think of events or memories that make you feel good to shift your paradigm back to attractive thinking. Think of who you love, or bring back fun or happy times that make you smile.Writing down your goals and looking at them every day can help you stay focused on what you're trying to attract. Another way to stay on focus is to place pictures of what you want where you will frequently see them.When you really start to have conscious thoughts (imagination, visualization) about what you want to create or attract, you literally change (I mean physically) and as a consequence of these changes (thoughts), you start to have a new belief system, which determines a new attitude, which then determines new actions (acting, speaking, thinking), which give you different results (a.k.a. getting what you wanted to create or attract).

Do you blame others for some of your misfortunes? Once you acknowledge that only you can manifest that which you desire you will be in good stead to proceed through the next three steps.Here you need to be completely honest with yourself and ask yourself how committed you really are to making your dreams a reality. Most people give up to early because they don't see the results that they want fast enough, it takes time to really accept that you can or already have received that which you desire.

You need to use the law of attraction in a way that you can become a better and more confident person so that you can break yourself out of the trance and need to use food as a support system. Food can never be a true support system, however, if you learn how to work on yourself from the inside out, you will be able to find self-control and self discipline and start making healthy choices. You will need to use every step of the law of attraction to help you to get to a good place inside.

The first step to the law of attraction says that you need to ask yourself what it is that you would like to do or have. Then you must ask the universe or even yourself for it. This means that you may not have to wish for discipline to eat healthy, but you will want to ask for something that will be working on yourself. Then you will need to think about all that it means. This means that it is going to affect your diet, your workouts, your personal strength and goals. When you ask for strength to change yourself from the inside out, you are making a decision that will affect several things in your life.You will find that there is a lot to the second step of the law of attraction and this is where you will find your success mostly. You will need to banish all the negative energy that surrounds you and learn how to embrace a positive energy.

This one approach alone can really bring about some profound changes if you truly adhere to it and continue to show gratitude and appreciation.Keep Doing The Things That Make You Feel Good.This final tip is one I picked up from Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey's 11 Forgotten Laws and sounds so obvious but it is astonishing the number of people who don't allow time for the activities they enjoy! If you enjoy a particular activity then it makes sense to do if more often right? Of course it does! The problem is far to many people become consumed by routine and don't engage in these activities.Make note of the things that make you feel good, it doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming. Even simple things such as making more time for old friends and acquaintances is a sure-fire way to feel good about yourself and more fulfilled.Not only doe this technique help speed up the process of the law of attraction but it is also going to help you enjoy life more which is another important step in manifesting your dreams alone!

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