Look On Line For Calculating Percentages Worksheets

By Katrina Wheeler

Many students today face intense pressure to do well on tests. They must work hard and think fast to get high scores on the state standardized test. Both teachers and parents are always looking for practical ways to help children do better. Math can be an especially challenging subject and using good quality work sheets is one of the most helpful strategies available. Everything from the most basic math up to more complex topics are covering, including calculating percentages worksheets.

The benefit of using good work sheets is that it allows the teacher to address the needs of students at various levels. Some students are just good at math. They have the type of brain that works well with the concrete methods required to solve a problem. Other students struggle with math. They need a lot of extra help and often need to have things explained more than once.

Having a good solid foundation in the basic operations is essential to moving on with math. In order to calculate the percentage of a number the child must be able to use several of the operations efficiently. They must also be at a point where they can understand the relationship between different numbers. A good knowledge of fractions is also very important before moving on to work with percentages.

When all the building blocks are securely in place the teacher or home school parent can move on to working with percentages. They can draw on previous knowledge to show how the percentage of a number is connected to a fraction and a decimal, they are all parts of a whole. Work sheets begin with very simple problems and move on to more complicated work. The teacher should look over each students work carefully to ensure that they have a thorough understanding before moving on.

As the teacher works with each small group, the other students can be completing a work sheet. Placing the students in mixed ability groups is a great way to help those who are struggling. Other students can as a peer support and show their classmates some of the steps.

Figuring out a percentage of a number can be tricky. Many teachers and parents find that the concept is just too abstract for many children. Linking it to fractions is a good way to introduce the topic. Using a visit to the store and a lesson on decimals is also a good way of reinforcing the principle. Many people forget that fractions, decimals and percentages are all related.

Finding good work sheets is a huge bonus for any teacher or home school parent. They are always looking for materials that are engaging and challenging, but not too difficult. It can sometimes be tough to gauge exactly what will work and what will not.

Most calculating percentages worksheets can be down loaded at no charge. Some sites do require a subscription and this is often quite reasonable. Mastering these skills is crucial to success in math and both parents and teachers should be ready to spend a little extra time.

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