Strange News Articles Are Fun To Read

By Katrina Wheeler

There are so many strange news articles for people to read on the American market. Everyone really gets a thrill out of reading these events that really do happen to ordinary individuals who live very casual lives. Many human beings may not be able to put any of these newspapers down once they begin reading these writings that can really make someone cringe with fear.

There was a family within the United States who had just purchased their ideal dream house. It was a very spacious residence that had enough rooms to make every family member happy. Even though bad things had happened in this house the family was oblivious to these occurrences. The real estate people did not inform them about the history of this location since they wanted to make a great commission.

This particular house was also located many miles from the main town and therefore the family members had no neighbors. They were in complete isolation from everyone else and this seemed to please them very much. The five daughters and their father within this family also enjoyed the peace and quiet that they received. The dad could go hunting whenever he wanted to without any distractions.

For the first three nights everything was very peaceful and quiet throughout this very big house. It seemed as if everything would go well for this family within the next year. Things were about to change on their fourth night when the lights begin to flicker at night. They could also hear the toilet in each bathroom continue to flush at all hours of the night.

Once daylight occurred this family was very surprised to see all of the chaos that happened downstairs in this house. They were disturbed to learn that their dishes were broken on the floor and the table had been turned over. After this the mom begin to hear sounds that were very terrifying coming from the walls. Demon looking creatures also made themselves present to other members of this family.

A glowing fog would appear in some of the rooms at different hours of the day. This was very strange since the weather outside would appear to be clear and pleasant. Things really started to get out of control when these "ghosts" begin to get violent with everyone within this household. They would actually throw things around the house and slap certain family members.

Things went a little too far when the ghosts tried to kill the mother. The girls were very frightened for their mom's safety since she was left alone mostly during the morning. This is when this group called their priest over to the residence in order to bless the entire property.

The news media is always very anxious to learn about strange news articles that go in this world. Many magazine publications even took the time to cover this unique story about the haunted house. They were able to find out that this property had been purchased by a woman who practiced black magic many years ago.

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