The Importance Of Drug And Alcohol Driving Course In New Haven CT

By Angela Briggs

The state of Connecticut has some very strict laws pertaining to operating a vehicle under the influence of either controlled substances or alcoholic drinks. Each year many drivers find themselves facing serious charges after being caught or worst still being involved in an accident. Because the situation is so serious all young drivers must take a drug and alcohol driving course in New Haven CT.

The drunk driving laws are very strict and offenders should be prepared for severe punishments. These include loss of license, fines and even jail time. Despite these deterrents many people still make the unwise decision to drive after they have been drinking. Getting properly educated is the key to responsible behavior.

Causing an accident in which someone is killed or injured will stay with a person for the rest of their lives. It will also cause untold devastation to everyone involved. Drivers need to know about this before they are even issued their first license. Their information must come from reliable sources, not from their friends. This is what makes the courses so valuable, they provide impartial and factual information about how substance affect the human brain.

Learning about the dangers of drugs and alcohol is vital to saving lives. Young people are especially vulnerable to peer pressure and do not always make good decisions. They are often more interested in impressing their friends than paying attention to the road. Before they get their license it is imperative they they are properly educated the dangers that will face them.

It does not take very long for a young person to be adversely affected by drugs or alcoholic beverages. After the first substance begins to work on their brain and central nervous system they have already lost their ability to judge the situation properly. Many people just do not understand the how quickly their own behavior can be affected.

Each year many innocent people are killed or seriously injured by drunk drivers. New drivers need to be made aware of how devastating this is for any family. Hearing first hand accounts from affected people can often be a powerful way of getting the message across. This is often used as part of a course to impress upon new drivers the risks they face by making poor decisions.

Most people look for a class to attend in the evenings or on weekends. The times are very flexible and will accommodate even the busiest of schedules. The total classroom time is eight hours. However, this cannot all be done at once. The most common scenario is to take the required hours over two to four days. Once a candidate has successfully completed the course they will be issued a certificate.

Getting into good habits right from the start is crucial for young drivers. Knowing how to successfully stand up to peer pressure is also very important. A drug and alcohol driving course in New Haven CT can provide very valuable skills that will help to keep a new generation of drivers alive and safe.

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