The Life And Times Of A Bus Person

By George Dodson

Dining out can be an enjoyable experience. You can decide where to go and what you want to eat. The wait staff warmly receives you and caters to your every need. You can ask for a glass of water or a napkin or two; they stand by waiting for your request. When you are done eating, you leave a tip for the waiter, snatch your items and go. Your journey is about to conclude. The journey of one person is only just going to begin. The person responsible for clearing the mess you?ve made to prepare the table for the next customer is the busboy.

In both large and small restaurants, there is usually staff required to clean up after each customer and help the restaurant staff if and when they need it.

?Bussing? is not an uncommon vocation in the United States. The ?busser,? as they are colloquially referred to sometimes, may bring drinks and snacks to the table even before the person makes a request. They may assist in the serving of food if necessary.

?Bussing as a profession generates very poor income. They are heavily reliant on tips as their hourly or weekly month is very poor.

Those in average restaurants carry boxes stacked with dishes in tower-like fashion. In upscale restaurants, dishes are carried one by one. This is a painstaking process that is comparatively time-consuming but which helps maintain the image portrayed by these finer restaurants.

There is an abundance of renowned people who were employed in this vocation before their careers took off.

In his youth, Al Pacino worked as one.

Alec Baldwin, one of the renowned Baldwin brothers (all of whom are involved in the media), was a busboy at New York?s Studio 54 in his youth.

Vietnamese president Ho Chi Minh was also a busboy in Parker House Hotel in Boston.

Jon Stewart worked as one in a restaurant serving Mexican food.

Johnny Depp too was one at a point. Johnny Depp was also a busboy.

The next time you are out at your favorite restaurant, perhaps you ought to keep in mind that if the place looks scintillating, it is for the reason that the busboys that toil to maintain it. They deserve a little extra in tips; something you ought to consider as it is how they make their living. After all, you never know; maybe, just maybe, one of them will become famous and remember you for your token of gratitude.

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