What Do You Need To Know To Become A Teacher

By George Dodson

Who wants to become a teacher?

Some our earliest recollections are of the teachers we had over the years. Some of they were our best friends in those early years. Getting away from some of them couldnt come sooner. Reading stories to you was done by some teachers. Memorizing The Gettysburg Address or the preamble to the Constitution was forced on you by others. Chances are good; you learned to read from one of your early teachers. Teachers are special. Becoming a teacher is something you are now considering. Are you prepared properly for this? How do you learn to become a teacher?

Initially you need to decide what grade appeals to you? Are you more interested in the younger students or those much older? This is an important decision to get right as you will be working with them for years to come. As with everything you will want to do your best.

Another important consideration is your subject choice. Look at your skills and the areas you most like. Doing the same thing day after day, takes commitment and dedication. You will keep getting better if you are doing something you love and are passionate about. Your teaching will have passion and keep improving if you are teaching something you love. You will demonstrate your interest and passion with subjects that you are passionate about. It will be easy to teach these subjects to students when you are passionate about them. That is especially true if it is a subject they must have, such as math or English.

Youre going to need a Bachelors in the major area you intend t teach. Biology, English or math would be included here. In addition; you will need to pay attention to the core curriculum, that includes subjects that are approved by your state board of education. In addition subjects approved by your state board will need particular attention. This is very important as you will need to pass exams of certification. You will want to pursue those electives that enhance your area of interest as well.

Teaching is such a rewarding vocation because you are helping to form young minds as you share you passion. Watching a student developing in front you is a great reward. Getting there was helped by you. Their growth was shared by you.

Pay close attention to the listed items and soon you will be ready to become a teacher, entering a great world of forming young minds. You will also get the satisfaction that you had a big part in developing them. Knowing too that the way you expressed your skills benefited others can be great to look back at. You will know that your education was worth it when you fill out employment applications knowing you have the right experience for the teaching job.

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