What Makes Great CPD For Gps

By Marcus Barrington

The General Medical Council defines continued professional development as "a continuing learning process that complements formal undergraduate and postgraduate education and training. " The purpose of CPD for general practitioners is not only to help doctors maintain standards of care but also to improve their competence and skills in a variety of areas of medical practice. This process is critical to helping doctors from various backgrounds stay up to date in their clinical knowledge and skills even when they are not practicing medicine.

A comprehensive CPD curriculum should meet certain requirements to effectively help doctors to increase their knowledge and proven medical care.

General practitioners come from many diverse backgrounds and employment situations. CPD should meet the needs of doctors and journalists of their position, area of practice or medical specialty. This type of flexibility is critical.

GPs of many different backgrounds have different needs depending on their circumstances and learning styles. A continued professional development system really needs to cater to the different ways of learning including distance and e-learning, small groups, personal study and traditional lecture-based delivery.

The curriculum should not only provide for the needs of GPs who are employees but also for those who are self-employed. There should be a very curriculum that includes both core content related to standards of general practice as well as instruction for different medical specialties.

An exceptional continued professional development for general practitioners will not only support ongoing career development for doctors but will also seek to improve patient care and safety overall. Improved patient experience and better outcomes through the continued education and development of healthcare professionals is ultimately the primary goal of medical CPD. When doctors demonstrate that they are knowledgeable in current treatment practices and strategies patients generally are more confident and positive. This invariably leads to improved care for patients and better medical outcomes.

Through a high-quality and comprehensive medical CPD program, GPs can learn new medical knowledge and advanced treatment methods allowing them to be on the forefront of modern medicine while providing the best possible care for their patients.

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