Who Makes An Above Average Caterer

By George Dodson

According to Andy Rooney, he doesn't like food which is carefully decorated as it makes him feel that more time has been spent on arranging the food rather than cooking. According to him, he wanted to look at something, he would prefer a painting to food.

It is a fact that though the chefs make tasty food, this prepared food has to be delivered to those who host parties or who are not in a position to come to the restaurant. This job is done by a caterer.

But some caterers are better than others.

You have the right stuff if you are organized, care about quality and have a flair for design.

Most of all, you need to know about food. If you have the experience of being a master chef you would be able to provide the special items needed by people at the get togethers and parties. Not just any cook can do this. It takes the dedication, practice, and training as a master chef.

Catering means you have to have people skills. Different people need different levels of communication. For this, you have to be fully aware of their needs including their preferences of food and delivery. If there are problems, you have to be able to solve them on the go and get what they want there on time. While doing all these services you should not forget to wear a smile always.

The effective handling and movement of perishable food items is important aspect of catering. Many people get good at this with practice. Along with know-how, you also need to have special equipment and transportation.

Catering means you have to be a master planner. Handling multiple orders on time is critical. Only a master planner can cope with perfect timing. Getting the right software can make this easy. That implies computer skills or hiring someone to handle the dispatching.

Catering means you have to think on your feet. Its not unusual for a perspective client to ask you about candy buffet ideas on the spot for their gathering. Coming up with the right answer will get you the job.

You need to have the quality of an entrepreneur to run catering. There are many changes going on in the field right now. You may need to improvise with changing times. Always remember to be cost effective. You may also keep abreast with the changing needs and requirements. Master these skills and you will be able to serve people with quality food you enjoy preparing, doing it efficiently, on time with a smile on your face.

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