A Brief Guide To Violin Accessories

By Cornelia White

A lot of people who own violins are passionate about them. It is an instrument that can produce a beautiful sound and violinists are often in high demand. However this also means that their instruments need to be properly looked after. If you want to keep your instrument in the best working order then you need to ensure you have the right violin accessories.

The first thing to make sure is you have the right case. A lot of the time a music store will include a case with the instrument. However you may wish to trade it for a more solid one in order to keep the instrument more secure while transporting it as well as reducing the risk of damage to it.

Some musicians may travel around a lot. This means that your instrument can potentially be exposed to various extremes of temperature and moisture. This is why a lot of musicians invest in a dehumidifier in order to maintain the right atmosphere to prevent the instrument being damaged and maintain it in the best possible condition.

Rosins can vary in quality and the best results will inevitably come from the higher grade products. The best will be mixed with other ingredients such as gold or silver. This mixture of additional ingredients results in a richer tone of sound from the violin. If you do buy a higher grade of rosin you should remember to rehair your bow as the resulting mixture of old and new rosin will not result in sufficiently better sound quality.

Another thing that affects the sound quality of an instrument is a sap called rosin. This is used to change the amount of friction and grip between the bow and string. Without rosin a violin does not produce a lot of sound. You can get rosin in varying degrees of quality but the best will be mixed with precious metals such as gold and silver in order to get the best possible sound from your instrument.

One area that causes debate amongst violinists is whether or not you ought to use a shoulder rest. Some musicians argue that this is important because if you do not use them it can cause discomfort. While you can fashion one yourself using a sponge or a block of wood you can purchase ones that can be properly fitted to increase comfort.

Other people say that a shoulder rest makes the musician more comfortable. This then means they are more likely to focus on their playing. Some people like to improvise their own from wood or sponge while others prefer a specifically fitted product. There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer to this and it is purely about what you as a musician find comfortable.

You can purchase violin accessories from music stores, websites and a variety of other sources. Ideally you want to purchase from people who can talk with you about your requirements and what is appropriate to you. Look online to get advice from other musicians as well as feedback and customer reviews to find the ideal accessories to suit your needs.

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