A List Of The Top Fire Department Training Ideas

By Tiffany Gill

Being a firefighter requires that one be able to react quickly just in case there might be an emergency that may arise suddenly or from out of nowhere. It is because of this reason that the fire department would always be holding some specific training programs so that the firefighters in general will be able to keep their senses very sharp. This is a list of some of the most common and also some of the best fire department training ideas out there.

Now it is best to hold these training sessions by surprise so that the response time of each firefighter will become sharper. That is why it is a must for all the departments to have regular drills so that the fighters may practice jumping into action right away. Since they do not know whether it is a drill or not, they will have no choice but to react immediately.

Now one of the best ways to let beginners and novices get some practice would be to let them go through controlled fire training. This is where the department would try to find a house that owners would want to tear down. The department would then burn the place down for free and let the juniors or novices try to practice their firefighting techniques on the house.

Now there would be times where the fire department would be working with the police and the paramedics in order to conduct mock disasters. It is important that one will have presence of mind when such situations will arise. Also, one must learn how to work as a team with other departments that is why one will be working with these other two entities.

Now for the specific programs, there are also a lot of equipment training ideas that one will have to know. The adapter drill is one of them and it is used in order to test how long it will take for firefighters to attach a hose to the adapter. There will be two hoses of different sizes that should be attached to an adapter.

There is also the uniform and gear drill which tests juniors or trainees to see how fast they would put on their gear when a situation arises. Of course firefighters will not be in their uniform all the time which means that they have to know how to put their gear on fast. They will usually be timed on how long it takes to put these things on.

Now it is common for the fire department to give their people tests on concepts. Usually these tests would be asking situational questions and would be testing the critical thinking skills of each fighter. That way, the testers will know whether their people actually know what to do in a situation.

So basically, those are some of the most common fire department training ideas that are out there. Of course there are still a lot of more training ideas where that came from but these are the most basic ones. They are definitely the ones that can keep them on their toes.

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