Five Best Careers That Don't Have Stress

By George Dodson

There are numerous types of job in the professional world. Some jobs are extremely stressful and some are not. Most want a high paying job that pays well. Before jumping on to the corporate life, you need to be acknowledged about the best low stress jobs. This article will certainly help you to enhance your career.

There are various opinions about low stress jobs. However, jobs having less stress are often considered as low stress jobs. The following are the five best low stress jobs.

The job of optometrists is very lucrative and low stressful. Their main job is to test eyes and other organs that are vision related. They are additionally involved in diagnosis, treatment and management of eye disease. Prescribing lenses and eyeglasses for the patients is also a function performed by them. They also need to do vision checks. Unlike other medicinal doctors or surgeons, they do not have to work at nights. Eye related treatments are not that complicated when compared to others. In order to be an optometrist, you need to complete a Doctor of Optometry program and also have the Government license.

The duty of economists is to analyze the production and consumption of goods, resources and various services. They analyse various economic issues and also does a lot of research work. Economists also focuses on relevant historical backgrounds for making forecasts. They also perform a lot of complex mathematical and statistical calculations. They sometimes serve as financial consultants.

Aeronautical engineering is also one of the best low stressful jobs. Their main function is also to design aircrafts according to aerodynamic principles. Designing propulsion function for aircraft is also very significant work of them. They must attain a bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering to start the career.

Civil engineering is also very preferable low stress job. Their main job is to design the infrastructure of roads, flyovers, subways, bridges and so on. They get enough time to complete their job. There is absolutely no deadline pressure for them. They can do their work rather precisely and conveniently. Remuneration is remarkably high.

The job of physical therapists is also quite low stressful. They can run their occupation much freely, unlike nurses and doctors. They don't have to work at nights. The demand for the physical therapists is increasing due to increased number of therapy prescribed patients. They also get good salaries.

The table below shows the above discussed jobs and the incomes. It is record of the annual income of professionals in May, 2010.


1. Optometrist 94,990

1. Economist 89,450

1. Aeronautical Engineer 97,480

1. Civil Engineer 98,000

1. Physical Therapist 80,000

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Source

There is a saying that no pain, no gain. However, this pain has a limit. Those who cannot endure high stressful jobs may decide to establish themselves on the above mentioned jobs. In order to be successful in your profession, you need to be very competent and provide your best service.

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