Getting Ready For An Asphalt Patching Project

By Cornelia White

Asphalt is a popularly used material for the paving of driveways, parking lots and other surfaces. It is popular because of its high durability, strength and cost-effectiveness. However, for this material to last for a long time, it has to be properly maintained. Asphalt patching is one of the maintenance activities that must be done from time to time by property owners.

Patching is generally required on areas of pavement where potholes exist. When water enters into parts of the pavements that aren't well sealed, potholes are created. Further damage occurs when the water freezes due to the fact that the crack will enlarge. When the weather becomes warmer and melts the ice, it will leave behind a void and the paving in the surrounding area will fall in.

The asphalt patching procedure is not complicated. It is done simply by filling the affected portions with a hot or cold mixture of the material. The type of mixture that is used is dependent on the season and the location of your site. Part of the surrounding area will have to be removed so that the repair work will be more effective.

It is advisable to patch holes as soon as they are discovered because water can get in and cause more damage. The starting point is the removal of any dislodged or crumbled material. A vacuum will then be used to suck up all the dirt on the surface. After the area is properly cleaned, the asphalt mix will then be poured in.

The property owner should be aware of the cost of this job before the project commences. Factors that will influence the rate you will be given include the level of damage to be repaired and where the site is located. You can obtain quotations from a number of companies so you can compare them. Your costs can be lowered if a contractor that is closer to the site is hired.

Prior to the commencement of the project, the driveway's precise condition should be ascertained. If a large portion has crumbled, it shows that water has leaked underneath and this is eroding the gravel. If the affected part is too large, you may be advised by your contractor to replace the entire driveway. If the crumbly area is small, the gravel could be compacted again before patching is performed.

Choosing the right contractor is vital if you want this job to be correctly done. It should not be difficult to find a company that offers this service in your local area. If you ask other people with similar properties, they should be able to give you the contact details of the service providers that they know.

Asphalt patching helps you to protect your investment in property. If you presently have a maintenance contract with a company that is reputable, then there is likelihood that your parking lot or driveway will last for long. Seal coating will be regularly applied. In addition, routine checks will be carried out to point out areas that show signs of wear and tear and they will be immediately fixed.

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