Horseback Riding Long Island Trails Is Fantastic Experience

By Cornelia White

Going horseback riding long island takes you along beautiful trails. They wind past fields and forested areas. Fresh air and sunshine contribute to the enjoyable trail experience.

Many stables offer lessons. The two basic styles of riding are English and Western. Among the ways they differ are the tack used. The western saddle is large and the bridle has a single set of reins. An English saddle is flat and the bridle has two sets of reins.

English riding requires you to hold reins in both hands. In Western, they are held in the left hand. Mount a horse from the left side only.

A stable equipped with an indoor arena can offer lessons year around. Summer day camps are available where a child can learn to groom, bridle, saddle and ride the same horse every day for one or two weeks. Lessons are given and everyone goes on exciting trail rides.

Helmets are mandatory and skills are acquired in a fenced arena before they take to the trails. Everyone loves the horses and all the activities associated with caring for them. They learn to control the animal. Each must have permission before galloping the horse.

For a romantic jaunt, a couple may take a ride through the sandy beach along the Atlantic Ocean. The sight of the waves and the salty air make this seem like a scene from a movie. It is a thrill to trot over the sand or dismount to watch the sunset together.

After the sun sets equestrian activity can be continued in a well-lit indoor arena. A well-equipped one will have openings to allow the air to circulate and a sand floor for stable footing for the horses. Dust is kept to a minimum using a mix of sand and fiber.

The larger riding academy may have seating for spectators. Family members may watch children take a lesson or practice horsemanship skills. A temperature controlled lounge may be situated near an outdoor arena for spectators too.

A Western store may offer saddles, bridles and grooming products for sale. This is a convenience for those who board a horse there, or lease one for the summer. This creates a pleasant setting for riders and spectators alike.

Some group trail rides take you through Bethpage State Park. A prominent US Golf Tournament is held in these breathtaking surroundings located in the 1,476 acre park. You may see hawks flying overhead and butterflies fluttering along next to the trail as you enjoy your equine companion and the friends who ride with you.

A day on horseback gives an individual a sense of what it must have been like in the old west. Cowboys herded their cattle out on the plains. Being on horseback was not a recreational activity for them. It was their job.

There are many breeds, from large draft horses to delicate Arabians. The Lippizaners are trained in dressage and perform this equine ballet all over the world. It takes a minimum of four years to train them. A day of horseback riding long island will introduce a new equestrian to the thrill of riding.

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