Horseback Trails In The Wilderness Or The City Park

By Cornelia White

There are many places for the horse lover to ride. She can start in a fenced-in ring or an indoor arena. However, the freedom of horseback trails will allow her to enjoy the beauty of nature all around.

For the person who is renting a horse, there are guided tours of unfamiliar areas. A guide can point out notable scenery. He can relate stories of the past riders he has known.

The outdoorsman can combine trail riding with camping. Traveling light, the sleeping bag and food supply are all that are really needed for this. An experienced guide may teach skills such as traversing a creek safely and how to find the optimal place to spend the night.

Each member of the group must be a competent horseman since this can be referred to as roughing it. After a day riding amidst the wonders of nature, you will sleep overnight in a wooded area.

Going on an historical trail ride can take individuals to a place where the Battle of Gettysburg was carried out. See a re-enactment with soldiers in full regalia. Children will become fascinated with history when it is presented to them in this engaging way.

Wooded trails alternate between light and shaded areas where trees shut out the sun. For one who wants to experience riding as the cowboys did, there is a tour for that. Learn about the cowboy life, herding them to market. He slept under the stars each night.

Some trail rides are tailored to the ability and experience of the group of participants. A walking only tour is for the new rider. The horse will follows a trail at a slow pace as the guide gives riding instructions.

How to use the reins to guide the mount and stop are among the topics offered. Learn details about the saddle and how the bridle serves to signal the horse. Children find this a useful introduction to the skills of riding.

Medium level riders enjoy a trek on which the mount walks and trots. It is still possible to enjoy the countryside at this pace, although it is more challenging. The participant must be able to control the movements of the horse.

For the advanced equestrian, the trail ride will include all three gaits, walking, trotting and cantering. A person must demonstrate ability to control the horse and answer questions about his experience.

It is a mistake to think the only open trails are located far away. There are equestrian paths in many large cities. Find them in city parks and state parks. Trees and flowers grow along the path. Variety depends on what part of the country you live in.

States like Tennessee, with its Smoky Mountains, have an abundance of challenging trails. Uphill climbs and creek crossings are part of the fun. Each ride can provide adventure for the person who can skillfully handle a horse.

Enjoy a variety of horseback trails, whether through the city park in New York, or the isolated ones in the wide-open spaces of Wyoming. Each one is a new equine adventure to take with the fantastic mode of transportation, the horse.

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