Is A Woman A Better Auto Salesperson?

By George Dodson

As long as most of us can remember, car salesmen have a reputation for being slick and dishonest. The trickery and deceptiveness of car salesmen have been brought out in such movies as Used Cars, and The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. Many car dealers have gone a long way in proving these facts wrong. For years, car salesman made their money on commissions. No commissions, no sales. No sales, no food, electricity, and rent. Thus the pressure was on.

Over a long period of time, the old adage Let the buyer beware has been in use. The idea was, was looking for a car, especially a used one, you had to know your stuff and make sure the person you're working with have your best interest at heart.

While it's true that most car salesman or not that way, enough are to make most people looking for a car to be wary.

There are several types of car salesmen ranging from smooth operators to straight to the point type of salesmen. Though there are others that withhold information if you do not dare ask. It's also true, that their women car salesman as well as men. Do women make better car salesmen?

The fact remains that women prefer not dealing with car salesmen while searching for a car. At that salesperson is a woman, they are less likely to be apprehensive. After all they reason she must understand what I'm going through.

Additionally, women seem to have a softer approach. That tends to draw people in rather than send them off running. And in many cases, this is led to far more sales to women.

Women have the ability to listen better as they also want to be heard. For this, women prefer women too men.

A question that puts women down when they are buying cars is shouldn't your husband me there with you? Women salesmen do not do that. This does not happen with women salesmen. They presume that you are aware of what you want when you come to the car yard. In addition, most women salesman has been through that, know what it's like, and do not want to treat other women the same.

Women trust other women. They feel that they understand them much better. Empathy is one thing that is very significant when it comes to sales. Sales is all about emotions and women are more emotional than men.

Many men deal with women salesmen. They are less threatened by women salesmen as they assume they know more than them. This comes at an advantage to women salesmen especially the honest ones who do a good days job and get a day's pay.

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