Kitchen Carpenters Preferred Wood

By George Dodson

Kitchen cabinet makers manufacture custom-made cabinets aimed at your kitchen. Cabinets not only improve the looks of your kitchen but are also a workplace and bathroom necessity. Before the cabinets are delivered to you, they have to go through assembly work and fabrication. There are flexible wholesale and retail manufacturers constantly being sought after by corporations. After you have bought the cabinet, most likely you will require a contractor for its installation and customization. There is a variety of showcase and exotic cabinets available in the market, as they are characterized into certain price points. The kitchen cabinet market has various cabinets varying in pricing depending on the materials that have been used for their manufacture.

Cabinets manufactured using maple.

Maple is one of the most versatile woods hence it is being opted by kitchen cabinet makers. The characteristic Maple is its lighter sandy color tone, which is much preferred in most kitchens. While using it, the carpenter applies a clear polyurethane finish for protecting the wood from humid conditions in the kitchen so as to maintain its clear color. Maple characteristic color can face modifications by applying finishes making it have a whole different look.

Cabinets made of hickory.

Hickory cabinets are famous for their durability that lasts as long as oak. Alongside being strong, the wood has a characteristic open grained texture. The kitchen in which Hickory is used appears to have a fresh look. The best part about Hickory is that, it comes in a variety of natural tones, and its color variation ranges from soft white to rich brown. It is often the case that most kitchen cabinet makers do not offer similar coloration hickory cabinets.

Cabinets made of Cherry

Kitchen cabinets made of cherry are red with the color getting deeper with age. Cherry is synonymous with its luminous quality which is apparent in its ripple boards. An additional characteristic of cherry is its durability that is apparent in its use in commercial areas. The market has cherry cabinets that have a gentle rippling effect that makes their gleaming texture even more prominent. Cherry cabinets are on the mid-price range though there be exotic varieties in the market. Cherry is by far the most sought after would by veteran kitchen cabinet makers.

The kind of kitchen cabinet needed dictates the choice of wood to be used. For the sake of coming up with something unique, some manufactures use multiple types of wood.

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