Points In Favor To Use Concrete Stairs Over Others?

By Bill Duggen

Have you got sick of the traditional, old, bad look, and cracked stairs in your home or commercial building? If it is so, here youll find a new type of stairs which will give a pleasant look to your building.

Precast concrete stairs are made in a plant and then are sent to the place where they need to install. These stairs are prepared with concrete and molds and when installed, are left hollow inside, get support from outer walls. In recent times, companies constructing the buildings are using these methods.

And, these precast concrete steps have many benefits more than the cement steps. They main benefit of these steps is the ease they provide to the architect and manufacturer in developing and manufacturing. Usually, in the manufacturing process of these concrete steps, architect is required to provide the correct required proportions of materials into digital blueprints. But, if there is a need of any design or composition change, the complete process would be disturbed taking much time to come back on track. But this issue is eliminated in the process of precast concrete manufacturing as computer programs are used to allow the user to customize the manufacturing process.

Workers need to build complex frameworks to construct the cement stairs. Weather also plays a role while mixing and pouring the cement on place of stairs. There is no need to consider any of these contributors, while using the precast concrete steps. They are already ready to go to be used at the construction site. Moreover, the precast concrete steps are easy to install than the cement and wood steps as they are hollow and lighter.

These stairs are also characterized by their stability and long lasting nature. Because they are manufactured in single units, they are characterized by additional stability. This extra stability provides these concrete steps with the strength to stand against the rain, snow, and foot traffic. They also unlike the other steps are unable to shift. But, if any shift occurs, you can easily set the precast stairs blocks back to their positions on the stairs.

A major problem created by the concrete or cement steps is cracks and gaps created in them. Water seeps through these cracks causing damage to the stairs after freezing. But precast concrete stairs have advantage over others. As these stairs are smooth, they doesnt allow any crack to become evident adding extra life and pleasant look to the stairs.

These stairs can be more customized according to the requirements of the users. They can be designed to give a look of wood, bricks or any other form. Customer specified designs can also be manufactured easily. The last characteristic about precast concrete stairs to be mentioned here is that these stairs are already manufactured in a way to attach the handrails to them. This not only complements the stairs safety, but also adds a pleasing look to the stairs.

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