The Great Violin Maker Scott Cao

By Harriett Crosby

Violin making is one of the most respected professions of all time simply because it is a profession that makes one of the finest types of instruments in the world. Maestros all over the world would not touch a violin unless it is carefully and meticulously crafted by a master who knows the finest details about this instrument. In the world of violin making, one person who would really stand out would be none other than violin maker Scott Cao.

In the seventies, he was an apprentice luthier in China when the reign of Mao Ze Dong was happening. After the heat of the cultural revolution, he moved to America in order to further continue his career in violin maker. Later on, he moved back to China to practice independently and then went back to California.

Now during the middle of the seventies when general Mao Ze Dong was in the middle of executing his very famous cultural revolution, mister Cao was living his life as a humble farmer. Since he was born in that kind of class, he lead a very simple life and did not know anything else except farming. However, fate took a little twist on to his life when a violin making teacher visited the area.

Eventually, he participated in this program and officially became the apprentice of the violin maker. While studying under his teacher, he also went to a school in Guangzhou known as the Guangzhou Institute of Professions wherein he increased his knowledge and honed his violin making skills. In 1977, he graduated from this place and became a luthier in China.

When China finally opened its borders, mister Cao was able to get out and find a new life in the United States of America. In America, he actually decided to study under several master luthiers such as Hans Weisshaar and Roland Feller. All of these masters were able to teach him how to repair and make not only violins but other string instruments.

After learning the trade, he decided to go back to China and open up his own shop along with mister Hideo Kamimoto. His store sold some of the best quality but very affordable string instruments like violins, violas, cellos and many others. After some time, he established his own brand known as Scott Cao Violins.

After a few years, he went back to the America and stationed one of his main shops there. He has received many awards from violin making contests in which he has entered. Also, there are many famous like who have used his violins such as Nigel Kennedy and Gidon Kremmer.

Mister Scott Cao is one of the nest violin makers that the world of music has ever seen. He is extremely famous for making really detailed copies of the Guarneri designs and the Stradivari designs. He is known to be able to take a look at even the smallest details of each instrument that he makes and makes sure that all strings sound really good.

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