What Are The Duties Of A CNA? - A CNA Job Description

By Dennis Bruckmer

A CNA Nurse executes jobs together with a team of healthcare professionals, including clinical doctors and registered nurses. Certified Nurses Aids do duties that help medical doctors in caring for patients, usually older folks.

Their jobs generally make sick men and women feel better so that they may have a higher quality of life whilst they are not feeling their best or not able to to carry out normal every day activities.

A Certified Nurses Aide's major duties help restore the quality of day-to-day living for the sick patients under their supervision. Most times, patients being cared for by a Certified Nursing Aide are older.

Two types of CNA qualifications are out there: a CNA-I and CNA-II. A CNA-I generally executes tasks that necessitate just basic Certified Nursing Assistant schooling, but they're still extremely important. They usually perform tasks such as:

* Keep the patient clear - changing sheets, removing waste from bed pans, and so forth.

* Cleaning the patient's body correctly - ensuring that patients are clean, for his or her health and relaxation

* Logging data and care - writing events using a diary, such as emerging warnings or side effects.

* Helping patients to and from bed - many sick folks have trouble moving, so they need some help.

* Taking and documenting of vitals - ensuring that the patient is not having reactions nor developing new ailments

* Serving to feed and hydrate patients - many sick people that require the care of a CNA Nurse can not eat on their own

* Identifying and protecting against bedsores - a sick person that is in their bed all day long is vulnerable to distressing bedsores, so CNAs move patients to prevent sores from developing.

* Looking for new symptoms (and warning physicians) - if unforeseen problems develop, the CNA might be the very first to find the warning signs and tell doctors

* Understanding any responses - detecting bad side effects of the patient's care, and notifying doctors or resolving the situation independently, if they are able to.

* Keeping the their patient comfortable - keeping the patient environment amicable

* Promoting the patient's flexibility - shifting the patient's arms or legs through the full range of flexion to ensure they are moving

A CNA-II has to do the jobs that a CNA-I does, but a CNA-II has also gone through further training to compete more technical duties. The jobs of these level-two CNA Nurses include things like:

* Making use of sensitive devices - setting up oxygen therapy, tracking oxygen flow, etcetera.

* Conduct oral and nasal suctioning - getting rid of oral mucous build up when the patient struggles to do so independently

* Taking care of fecal blockages - cleaning out clogged colon if a patient can no longer use the bathroom

* Rendering tracheostomy procedures - forcing an alternate air passage when patients are not able to breathe normally

* Executing sterile and clean dressing and bandage changes - disposing of dirtied dressings and bandages

* Handling IV equipment - Putting together and flushing tubes, monitoring fluid flow rate, stopping Intravenous therapies, and so on.

* Performing ostomy treatments - removing a patient's wastes when they have been through an ostomy

* Administering feeding tubes - after the set-up is checked out by Licensed Nurse, a CNA can be in charge of executing force feedings.

* Catheterizing - carrying out catheterizations and replacing catheter tubing

These types of responsibilities and duties of a CNA considerably enhance the well being of a sick person in the process of rehabilitation and treatment... And a great Certified Nurses Aid makes a massive difference to a person who is being cared for. Imagine your own grandpa, your dad or any other cherished one who might have to be in a care home. Consider how significantly most of these duties of a CNA will comfort them. Think of how it would probably ease and comfort your family, to find out that your own family member is benefiting from great care while they are poorly.

The duties of a CNA, all the things a CNA Nurse must do, will have a profound impact on the happiness of a patient, and the well being of that patient's entire household.

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