Built Up Your Career As A Forest Ranger

By George Dodson

The wild land and wilderness of a country or state is guarded by the forest rangers. Certain forest rangers are fixed for certain area but they are free to go at urgent situation. Women are intimately associated with the forest service for ever and a day. So, its your time to engage yourself as a forest ranger in any area. It is a fact that the ratio of male and female forest rangers are near to same in USA.

Skills you need

For being a forest ranger U.S. citizenship is mandatory for you. If you are not a current citizen but you have an opportunity to qualify. In this case you have to be the permanent resident of USA. Having a valid driving license is also must for the job. Your qualification requirements are related to the grade level. For instance, though Gs-5 level requires a bachelors degree but GS-2 level needs only school diploma. Though qualification requirement is area specific but if you have a bachelor degree in forest related subject you will be benefited everywhere. If you complete your bachelor degree on forest management, ecology, botany, biology and wildlife and fisheries management, forestry, you will have a strong case.

Take care of the visitors

You will get the Tourists, campers, hikers and researchers in the park all-time. You have to engage yourself for informing the visitors all things about the park including rules and regulations. Their safety is in your hand. Go to the visitors when they are in any problem. If anyone gets lost find out and rescue him.

Responsibility of forest protecting

It is your responsibility to save your own wild region. You have to work hard for preventing forest fires. It is your responsibility to bring back the green forest if fire damages the forest. If the animals and birds are hurt it is your liability to take care them and the animals which are threatened to people, please anesthetize and entrap them.

You income

You are compelled to start your career as a junior ranger and your task is to help your boss who is an experienced one. Your salary varies according to your state and level. The yearly payment rate of Virginia park rangers is(23,999 to 31,352)$. You can earn yearly $29,928 to $46,396 in Texas and In California the income varies between $38,532 to 50, 244$. Your annual income may vary from $27,431 to 35,657 when you are a graduate park ranger.

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