Calculating Percentages Worksheets For Your Class

By Marissa Velazquez

It can be difficult teaching mathematics for students. For most classes it is impossible to work individually with every student, especially in classes of thirty or more. This is why it helps to look online to find calculating percentages worksheets that will help your class.

For example if you work in a store then percentages are likely to come up all the time. While it may seem obvious to know that 50 per cent means half off in a sale this can become more complicated if you are expected to know 30 per cent or 42 per cent off. It is important students know that this is something that will come up and they should know it!

You can find worksheets from a number of different sources. Some are available free to download while others can be downloaded from websites that require a subscription. Wherever you get the sheets from you need to be sure that they are of the best possible quality. This is especially important if you are home schooling so that you can be sure that your children are getting the right lessons.

Worksheets are often beneficial in this instance. For the more advanced students they can be useful if they finish their work ahead of their class mates. This can ensure that they get the full benefit from their time in class and do not act up or distract other students if they finish the work they have to do in class.

Some parents home school their children. Worksheets are useful in this respect because it helps to provide a structure. While some people like being creative and engaging their children in a non linear fashion it still helps to have some form of reference point to work with. This is why it helps to look at different websites as some will phrase questions differently from others and so you can decide which one suits the tone of your particular style of home schooling.

Equally there are often students who are not on the average level. They will require special attention in a different way. You need something that explains percentages but in a way that is not patronising. Getting the balance right can be difficult so you need to be sure that what you are choosing is appropriate.

This is why when you download worksheets you need to check through and read them carefully. Make sure that they are accurate and go through them yourself as if you were a student doing the work. After all if you are a teacher you ought to be able to do the work that you set your students. You do not want students suffering because one of the answers is wrong and you certainly do not want to show yourself up because you could not spot an obvious typo!

In short if you find the right calculating percentages worksheets for your class you can give them the best long term benefits. Remember to look at a variety of sources so you can compare what is available. This will make it easier to find sheets that are appropriate for students at a number of different levels. Use your regular search engine to find out more and get feedback on what is available online.

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