Finding Just The Right Vet Around Franklin TN

By Marissa Velazquez

There is a wide choice of veterinary care for the residents of the greater Nashville area who have pets or livestock. Finding a vet around Franklin TN is easy. The historic but vibrant city of over 60,000 people, which is also the county seat, is home to over 250 animal care practitioners, either individual vets or clinics.

Veterinarian medicine as it is practices today is eerily similar to that offered to humans by the American Medical Association. The home pages of clinic after clinic speak of the latest diagnostic tools, full radiology and surgical services, ophthalmology, cancer treatment, dentistry, and expert and effective help with arthritis and allergies. They offer reproductive services and geriatric care.

The centers list preventative medicine and offer nutritional counseling and behavior modification. Many also offer boarding and grooming services. Some deal only with small animals while others handle both pets and livestock. No matter what your need is, you can find a practice to meet that need in this historic but up-to-date city.

Those who prefer to try natural means and non-invasive methods for health care for themselves will be happy to find that alternative and complementary medicine is available for animals as well. Many listings come up after a search for a holistic practice. Herbs, vitamins, special diets of raw meat and veggies, and lifestyle advice are available to help pet owners keep their animals happy and healthy.

Alternative healing fans will find familiar terms in the care offered for animals of Tennessee. Applied Kinesiology is used by humans to pinpoint allergens and select therapeutic supplements, and it's listed among the therapies used to help animals as well. Chiropractic and orthopedic manipulation, magnet therapy for pain relief, homeopathy, and light therapy are listed, as well as hair analysis and detox programs. Even prayer and deliverance are used to treat animals along with their owners.

The city prides itself on being dynamic while remaining zealous in preserving its historical treasures. Vet care is on the cutting edge for sure, with the latest technologies and medically-approved treatments available when illness or injury strikes. The alternative field is both traditional and modern. Something called biopuncture might not be familiar, but it sounds intriguing. Carefully selected materials, from plants or other sources, are injected at specific points under the skin or in the muscles of an ailing animal to trigger the body's own defenses and healing power.

All of the practices seek to engage owners in any health maintenance or problem treatment program. Practitioners stress the importance of starting an animal in a health program at an early age, both to detect genetic tendency to future problems and to prevent other problems from ever arising. They offer high-quality food free of common allergens and suggest annual check ups to make sure all is well.

Finding a vet around Franklin TN will not be hard. There are many directories online and informative websites that describe the philosophy and the mission statement of clinics devoted to animal care. You can find customer reviews online, as well, to help you make an informed choice when it's time to seek health care for the very important animals in your family.

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