Live Scan Fingerprinting Florida Procedures To Know

By Judy Sullivan

In several countries around the world, including the United States, the live scan fingerprint process is gaining usage. The process is less time consuming and messy than traditional methods. If you are wondering how the live scan fingerprinting Florida services work, here are some facts of interest.

The purpose of taking fingerprints to identify people hasn't changed since the new methods have been implemented. Only the equipment has changed. The equipment transfers the image of the finger(s) or palm into a digital format. The new methods and equipment has been utilized since the 1990s. It only require a couple of seconds to complete the process.

There is a growing use of digitized identity checks in a number of fields. One of these is in doing checks for criminal history before hiring a new employee. In some industries, criminal background checks are mandatory. The employer is prevented from hiring people with certain types of blemishes on their history.

One of the major benefits for live processes is the speed of results. The prospective employer has the information from the scan within two days. The records are matched in every state and every country which has digital records.

In the United States, there are variations between the various states about which occupations fall under regulatory requirements for requiring background checks, including fingerprints. In Florida, the Agency for Health Care Administration and the state Department of Health require checks. All state operated schools and nurseries also require such checks. The scanning process is done at "live Scan Agencies" which are approved by the State. The image is taken be a certified employee known as a Live Scan Operator. This worker has no other job responsibilities.

The first step in the process is a request by a potential employer to the applicant to undergo the process. If the applicant agrees, the employer provides all the necessary documentation to start the process. In practice, the applicant simply places the palm or finger(s) on the screen. Under usual conditions, the reading is completed in less than two second. The digital information is transferred to the State Department of Justice and the FBI where it is checked against official records. The results are returned only to the requester. The intermediary agency does not see the information on the criminal record, if any.

Careful attention to confidentiality is maintained during the process. An individual who believes that the information about them was handled improperly can use a designated process to seek redress. Since the agencies that handle the reports are regulated, there are detailed procedures to follow. Follow up complaints are done through the use of a personal code or ID number attached to the specific individual.

Live scan fingerprinting Florida procedures are required in several occupations. The purpose of the checks are related to criminal background reports. When these procedures are in place, they help to protect certain societal groups from becoming victims of criminal activity.

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