Study At High Ranked Bahrain University

By Marissa Velazquez

Students from all over the Middle East and beyond are choosing to study at the high ranking Bahrain University. This outstanding establishment was officially founded in 1986 and is the largest public university in the Kingdom of Bahrain. However, its roots go back to the 1960's when the original colleges of higher education were founded for both men and women. Over the years they grew and developed until finally becoming an excellent center of education and employment.

Students can be assured they will receive a first rate education. Every member of the faculty is hand picked for their skills in teaching and education. Only the very best in their field are selected to join the elite faculty and work on this prestigious campus. Although the school has only been in existence since the mid 1980's it has already established itself as one of the leading universities in the middle east.

The King of Bahrain is the official Supreme President of the college and a full administrative board works alongside him to ensure the proper running of every aspect of the campus. A Board of Trustees, college councils and directors work together with the extensive faculty to keep everything up to date. Students are well served by this board and the college enjoys an excellent reputation.

A deep sense of commitment is evident as soon as the visitor enters the campus. Everything is beautifully clean, modern and new, yet a feeling of energy and excitement is evident. The students are actively encouraged to become independent thinkers who are willing and capable of making a lasting change in their own community. Personal initiative is encouraged as an avenue to bringing about social change and lasting improvements. Seeing these qualities modeled all around them is the most effective way to impart them in all the students.

Once they have completed their undergraduate degree, students have the option of continuing on in a Master's or Doctorate program. Although there are fewer students in these programs the numbers have been steadily growing over the past few years. The course offerings are also being expanded all the time to offer more fields of study and degree programs.

Scholarships are available to those students who need them. Interested parties should place an enquiry on line with the office of student services. Fellowships are also on offer and can really help to enhance the college experience for those students who really feel that they have an interest in teaching as a career.

There is a PhD program that is constantly expanding. Many graduate students are now choosing to continue their education and new courses are being developed all the time. Currently the bulk of the students are in undergraduate programs and spend four years in residence. However, for those who wish to continue their education there are some excellent opportunities.

Students at Bahrain University really do enjoy the best of both worlds. They have access to all the latest technology and outstanding teachers. At the same time they live on a beautiful campus that is safe and well maintained. Students who are motivated to do well will receive plenty of encouragement and resources.

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