The Causes Of Workplace Bullying

By Chris McArdle

Workplace bullying is a social verbal, physical and non verbal abuse from an employer or another person in the working environment. It can happen in any type of organization including of organization including offices shops, restaurants and government organization. It can happen to all types of employees including volunteers, student interns and permanent employees. Some of the workplace tormenting may be criminal offenses and are addressed in court of law.

Unethical behavior in an organization is repeated hurtful attacks from people in the organization. Some of the bullying behavior includes changing work tasks and making them more difficult for employees to handle. This involves doubling the work done by workers without raising their salaries. This is a problem that demotivates a lot of people in organizations.

It can also be a form of discounting. This happens mostly when you are in meeting and other social events. People that bully you will always go against your opinions. They disagree with your ideas using abusive language and do anything to prove that you are not fit in the organization. People also tend to discredit others. Discrediting occurs whereby people show disregarded quality of completed work despite lack of evidence.

People that want managerial seats in an organization may tend to hate each other, this leads to doing anything that will bring down your rival. People do a lot of things that can humiliate their core workers. Another cause of this type of behavior is dictatorship. Managers that feel that they own the organization tend to dictate all activities.

There are five major categories of unethical behavior in any organization. One of them is the threat to professional status. This includes belittling of ideas and public professional humiliation. It also involves intimidation of competence procedure. This is termed as an unreasonable behavior that is usually associated with humiliation and arrogance.

There is also a behavior that is common in women. They tend to yell and scream in front of others to humiliate people in the public. Others tend to steal credit for work done by others. This is a way of showing that other people are incompetent and that they can do the work you have stolen.

This is an aggressive behavior that affects employees. People that are tormented spend most of their time in offices than they do with their families may also cause traumatic and stress disorders in employees. Other problems caused by workplace bullying are depression, financial problems caused by absences and medication cost among others. People that are commonly affected by this type of behavior are single mothers. This is because of increased responsibilities.

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