Things To Keep In Mind While Battling Depression

By Hedrick Lepsch

Depression, contrary to those who do not suffer from it, is not just being "sad" for a day or two. It is not just a mood that you can, "think positive thoughts" and, poof, it is gone. Depression is a mood disorder that can be caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, stressful life situations or a death or illness in the family.

As a college student, you suddenly have the responsibility of making sure that you do your homework, attend class, stay social, and remain healthy. These responsibilities may seem overwhelming, but maintaining them will allow you to live a relatively stress free existence and perform better in general.

Learning to balance your life will be extremely beneficial throughout your life, and you will be able to become more productive and more effective in the work that you do. One of the most important and least recognized forms of activity during college life if exercise.

To get the motivation to workout you need to persuade a friend or a roommate to become your daily workout companion. Tell them about your depression and your need for a cheerleader to motivate you to go workout. While exercise is not a cure all, it will help counter balance your negative feelings and help make your life seem manageable again.

You need to speak up for yourself and be ready to say no if you want to last in a job. People need to understand that there are limits and if you don't let them know then you will continue to fail.

The emotional effects of exercise are also quite extensive. Exercise can act as a release, and allow you to remove stress from your life. As you exercise regularly, you will find yourself more able to handle stressful situations that come up, and more capable of managing your emotions. Exercise is an extremely productive way to react to troubling situations, and the stress college can bring can be easily dispelled through exercise.

Depression in college is usually triggered by stress. Stress over classes, finances, friends, lovers and your future. During this period of legitimate strain, depression can descend over your life and can make completing daily tasks almost impossible. In response to this stress, it is natural to want to shut down and live bed for the rest of your life.

Exercise is also extremely useful mentally. Exercise can help you to perform your work more successfully, and can actually increase your ability to use your brain effectively. It can increase your ability to concentrate and will allow you to respond more effectively to questions in class and on homework.

Whatever degree you are pursuing, whether it is in Property Management, Networking, Forensic Accounting, or Retail Sales Management, a balanced schedule that includes exercise will allow you to be more effective, and ultimately more successful.

All you can do in the meantime is try to find some meaning in the meaninglessness of the illness. In time you will finish your computer science degree or your business administration degree, as well as see the other side of depression.

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